Soren wants to be a Stump

We have some friends named the Stumps with sons, the youngest a bit older than Miriam.

When we told the kids we’d be eating Sunday dinner there, they were overjoyed. Soren in particular was full of commentary regarding the Stumps and our impending visit.

When we arrived there the kids had all fallen asleep on the drive. They woke up and asked, “Are we at the Stumps yet?” Dave joked around with them and said, “No, guys, it’s Tuesday. You slept through the whole visit and now we are home.” Then one of the girls said, “Oh, you’re just kidding Papi.” To which Soren sighed in relief, “Ah, I *KNEW* it was still Stump Day.”

Then during dinner one of the boys said, “All the Stumps raise your hand!” and Soren raised his along with them.

Stumps&Hodges 3-9-10

At leaving time, Soren started to cry and didn’t want to get in the car. With a big scowl on his face he got out of his car seat and started back toward the house.

Dave picked him back up and said, “Soren, you disobeyed.”
Soren: “Yes. I want to do evils.”
Dave: “You are really angry?”
Soren: “Yes, I want to destroy the car with a knife.”
Dave: “You really want to stay here, huh.”
Soren: “Yes. I want to be a Stump.”

Dave got him calmed down but apparently, he didn’t forget his wish.

This morning he asked me, “Can I go back to the Stumps right now?”

Standing in the kitchen he took a deep sniff and said, “I smell… like I need to go to the Stumps.” Wha??

Later, he came to me and asked, “Mom, can you go buy me some Stump clothes instead of Hodges clothes? I need to be a Stump.”

Right now he is composing a “letter” asking to be received back at the boy household. 🙂 Ahh poor son. I guess it is good we have some friends who have sons whose company he enjoys, since we can’t seem to get him a passel of brothers for himself. 🙂

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6 Responses to Soren wants to be a Stump

  1. perelandra30 says:

    Sounds like my daughter (who has five brothers) always wanted to be a member of whatever family had the most girls.  Fortunately now she is quite content to be our daughter, of course she is 20 now.  Let me assure you that he will out grow that phase.

  2. whteroses says:

    Soren does a good job expressing his feelings verbally. If it were Michael, he’d scream/cry and hit/throw something. Maybe by the time he’s 5, he will be a bit better. At least Soren has some boys to play around with, unlike my child. He’s surrounded by girls, too!

  3. I can’t tell you how much your boy sounds like mine!  (And mine only has 3 older sisters!)  It helps a lot to have other families with boys around though.

  4. Rick Stump says:

    We loved having all the Hodges clan over and can’ wait to have you over again. Maybe Soren could borrow a godzilla figure so he fits in? The Stumplings miss your kids a lot today and we’ll invite Soren on our next Manly Hike to the Lake.

  5. It’s so cute and sad and funny!  I was the only girl in a family of seven kids.  I can relate to Soren’s state of mind.  But he won’t find better friends than his sisters when they get older, especially with such a truly awesome family dynamic as you have so wisely created.

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