Calendar project

Homemade calendar.

Step 1: Have children draw 12 pictures.
Step 2: Print calendar pages from the internet.
Step 3: Arrange in order and glue each calendar page to the back of the next month
Step 4: Apply clear packing tape to each page and the top of the pages (for reinforcement)
Step 5: Hole punch
Step 6: Display proudly on wall and start planning!


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4 Responses to Calendar project

  1. Cool idea. Just curious–five children and twelve months–did the kids collaborate on each month? Or did one of them get to do more than one? Next year when you have six kids it gets a bit easier to divvy up the months, right? ha haSeriously though, this is a wonderful idea.

  2. I told them each to draw 3 and I would pick the best 12. However, three of them lost interest early. I have 1 from Agnes, 2 from Christina, 2 from Soren, and the rest from Miriam and Jireh. 🙂

  3. Cute idea… you are very creative.

  4. love it  🙂   how are you?

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