Advent Calendar

Today was rainy and I decided it was a good time to do a family craft and start an Advent tradition.

I got out my scraps, scissors, glue, ribbon and cut 24 flannel squares which all the kids and I decorated.

Soren would rather just eat:  

The finished squares:

Next, later this week I plan to reinforce the designs by stitching over them and then attaching them on three sides to a large sheet of fabric as pockets. We’ll hang it on the wall and pull out little pieces of paper each day that say an Advent activity to do that day.

Can anyone help me think of what to write on the insert cards? I need 24 activities and can only think of about three. 🙂

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9 Responses to Advent Calendar

  1. i bet your imaginative and creative kids can come up with stuff to do! Did you want each square to be a surprise? What about some of the cool stuff they’ve already done, like digging for worms? Do you want your activities to be in the house only, or can some be outside?  You live in Georgia, right? Isn’t it still pretty warm during the days at the end of fall/early winter? The calendar looks great.

  2. Oh, stupid me, I just realized that you can’t really incorporate digging for worms into the Advent theme. But I think you got the gist–the sky’s the limit with your kids.


    Make cookies for a shut-in.Practice a Christmas carol each day, then sing it for the shut-in  the day you take the cookies.Make a Christmas ornament.Make a big pot of soup or stew(all children can help), invite friends, family, preacher, etc, for dinner.Go through clothes and toys….take some to “Good Will”.Go where there is a Salvation Army kettle and bell ringer. Encourage each child to donate. I always kept a roll of dimes in my car for the children. This becomes a life-long habit for the kids.Make a container of dry Russian Tea. Put a bow on it, and take it to the church secretary.Sarah, all these activities are geared toward learning experiences for the kids if you get creative. Also, all the children can participate.Hope this helps.Love, Miss Sherri

  4. Momof2js says:

    I have to stop reading your posts. They make me feel too guilty and lame.  I only put candy in our advent calendar.  Yes, evil, bad-for-them candy.  

  5. @SHERRIMARTIN – Perfect! Love it! Thanks, those are great.


    I wrote several more in your FB message.Miss Sherri @PistachioChocolateWife – 

  7. Too bad my imagination is dead.  Nice ideas listed here. Have fun with your calendar!

  8. Amanda says:

    You could go look at the Christmas decorations in centennial park one random evening, and/or go ice skating (not free, but not expensive, I don’t think). Drive around and look at Christmas lights in the neighborhoods around you (or go to the hoity toity ones with LOTS of decorations). Have a Polar Express (or other Christmas movie) pajama party with hot chocolate and breakfast foods. Cookie baking day for cookies to give to friends/family (the decorating was always our favorite part). If y’all have a fireplace, have a “cookout” and make hot dogs in the fire with sticks (assuming there are hot dogs that you and Dave would allow the kids to eat–maybe organic ones? Lol). Craft day where you make snowflakes and/or ornaments…we used to get those styrofoam balls, with sequins and pins and ribbon, and use the pins in the middle of the sequins to poke into the styrofoam to make designs, and then make a loop with the ribbon and pin it in for a hanger. (If this doesn’t make sense I can try to explain better–we did this even when I was very small, and we did it every year…once I learned about the pins it wasn’t a big deal)….I think I’m all “idea-ed” out now. :)Miss you guys. Y’all should come over for dinner again soon.

  9. My kids LOVE looking at christmas decorations! We’re going to NY soon but there are some neighborhoods in brooklyn that have wayyyyy over the top Christmas lights. The cars make a parade driving through to look at them (I’d hate to live in those neighborhoods and be trying to get home during those times!) Sounds like a fun idea. 

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