Trick or treat!

So, my kids didn’t “do” Halloween this year. Growing up we never did, other than giving out candy and being home before dark, and without the fun memories most people have about it, I just don’t care much about the holiday. Nothing against it, really (except the part where the hoodlums egg your car and house – hey, I grew up in NYC.). It just seems like a lot of work for the costumes, blah blah so I just didn’t want to bother. The kids didn’t seem to care.

But, when they saw photos of their cousins and friends’ trick or treating experience, they suddenly got a hankering to do the door to door thing. So, I let them dress up and go to all the doors of our house, and handed them a treat at each door. So, at least I got the photo op without any of the walking in the cold. 🙂 My favorite kind of trick. 


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4 Responses to Trick or treat!

  1. perelandra30 says:

    Your mama didn’t raise no dummy! 

  2. whteroses says:

    Agnes has such a sly look on her face! Michael doesn’t understand Halloween so we didn’t do anything either except hand out candy.

  3. This could actually be another reason why kids don’t need toys, in the sense that, given the right chance, their imaginations will allow them to have far more fun than any manufactured item. What a great idea! I never liked Halloween much either, because I was claustrophobic behind the cheap plastic masks my parents always got for us. I’m 54, and face painting wasn’t really in vogue way back then. It was hard to see because the mask pushed on my glasses, which steamed up while I was trying to breathe in there, and it was dark so I kept tripping.  I never had much of a sweet tooth, so the candy was no big deal, either. This year I had to work, and I missed giving out candy to the neighborhood kids. Anyway, once again your kids are fantastic!

  4. You are one clever mama! I love how you had them come around to each door to your very own house!

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