More Soren stories

Jireh: “Look at that star!”
Miriam: “Isn’t it a planet? It’s not twinkling.”
Soren: “I thought it was a diamond in the sky!”

Sunday dinner: meat and potatoes and Brussels sprouts. We gave Soren seconds and thirds. On his plate were slices of roast beef and some mashed potatoes.
“Something’s missing. I need some meatballs.”
“Soren, you have some meat on your plate.”
“Yeah but I want meatballs.”
“Soren, we don’t have any meatballs today.”
“Yeah we do. Those green ones.”

Yesterday morning Soren woke up first (as usual) followed shortly by Agnes. He wanted a play partner so he took off her pj pants (left her soaking wet diaper on), and helped her into some tights, socks and backwards shoes. I thought it was cute so I let her go with him. No sooner did they get outside than Agnes did a face plant in the driveway and got a fat lip.
Soren: “So, it’s just blood. Wipe it off!”

Soren and his crime partners two:

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2 Responses to More Soren stories

  1. What an adventure he is!  A born logician and comedian all in one!   I really enjoy these stories!

  2. whteroses says:

    I love how he got Agnes dressed so he could have a playmate! What a fun boy he is

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