Necessity, Mothers, and Inventions

So I am babysitting my friend’s kids today, as usual, and I realized that I had completely forgotten to plan for a lunch they will eat. (They’re not familiar enough with the foods I generally serve my kids, I think.) So I figure, okay, that’s fine, I’ll pull out my emergency loaf of bread from the freezer and make PB&J. All kids like that. And it will go great with the homemade applesauce the girls and I cooked this morning.

So, lunchtime comes around and I look through the fridge. There is NO PEANUT BUTTER. And I realize with chagrin that I handed my husband the last extra jar of it to take to work. Great. Now what will I do! They certainly won’t eat chicken curry leftovers. LOL. (Or maybe they would, but I wouldn’t ask them to.) Suddenly I remembered that my fancy new food processor my husband gave me for my birthday, will make nut butter easily. So I threw a pound or so of nuts into it, a few spoons of coconut oil, and a little salt, and voila!

Peanut-pecan butter and spreadable strawberry sandwiches with homemade strawberry-apple sauce.


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11 Responses to Necessity, Mothers, and Inventions

  1. holliep says:

    you are amazing.

  2. @holliep – If I am, I definitely get it from my mother. She’s the original and I’m a pale copy.

  3. perelandra30 says:

    All part and parcel of the mother gig.  Those kids will probably go home and rave about lunch and to you it was really nothing.  That’s where the best dishes come from, necessity.  God bless you.  I so enjoy reading about your little people.  Takes me back for just a little while to those days in this house.  Thanks for sharing.

  4. I desperately want a food processor now.

  5. geneva says:

    super impressive – I pull stunts like this when cooking for Joshua and, as usual, have forgotten a major ingredient…   Well done!  I’m sure they loved it!

  6. Momof2js says:

    Yum-o.  What do you normally give for lunch?

  7. @Momof2js – veg with hummus or pb, yogurt and fruit, nuts & fruit, cheese & fruit, leftovers, lunch meat or leftover meat with fermented veggies or cheese / fruit, egg shakes, kefir shakes, etc. Their lunches and snacks are pretty much indistinguishable.

  8. whteroses says:

    Definitely impressed, especially with you having a pound of nuts on hand! 

  9. May I come over for lunch, ha ha? There’s nothing like freshly made nut butter!

  10. Good job:)  I forgot about doing that type of thing when my older kids were little.  Did the kids think it was neat to watch you make nut butter?You have the cutest little ones.  I liked you post on the pretend naps.  That was cute.  Enjoy them while they are young 🙂

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