Hey, no wonder it smells like feet in here.


As you can see in my new banner, I let the kids empty the furniture out of the dining room and make a “house”/ picnic outside on the deck today. All the chairs and tablecloths were used for this project and it was great to see them playing together so nicely. I was doing laundry, hanging diapers, dehydrating soaked nuts for “granola” and hoping to get some more sewing done. Suddenly the dryer blew a fuse again. It’s Friday and I have towels and sheets in the washer, so I knew I had to immediately get going to the parts store 40 miles away if I wanted to beat the traffic and have a chance at clean, non mildewed clothes this weekend. I loaded up the kids with the kitchen still a mess, the dining room floor full of crayons, my bedroom in shambles (aforementioned sheets having been recently stripped and the blankets/pillows everywhere). The kids had toys, robes, bowls and pistachio shells strewn all over the yard and driveway, but I couldn’t stop to pick up – we had to go before the next mealtime was warranted. (You fellow moms know that there are mighty small windows between food service that must be pounced upon or else kissed goodbye!)

So we picked up and left; Christina and Agnes got a much needed nap in the car. I would have taken one myself but unfortunately, I was driving. Anyway, we got the dryer part, and then I realized we’re going to be out all day tomorrow picking apples, Lord willing, so I figured I’d do the week’s grocery shop before coming home. (I did my trick where I buy the bananas first thing and then let them eat on the way through the store.) We pulled into the house about 2 1/2 hours after leaving and I noticed something very strange. The driveway was cleaned up and swept and the grass was cut. At first I had no idea what was going on — Dave’s car wasn’t there (no car was, actually). Psycho killer, though it naturally crossed my Brooklyn-bred brain, was obviously unlikely since it seemed quite a bit of trouble to go through for not even knowing if your victims were coming home anytime soon… Soon enough a worker I recognized as my landlord’s employee came out from behind the shrubbery to solve the mystery.

The landlord was soon to return, too, and I just couldn’t help wondering how it is that he picked today, my messiest, topsy-turviest day of recent memory (remember my dining room threw up on my deck – where, by the way there was now a ladder up to the roof – which the children all tried to explore several times before I came to my senses and turned on some Veggie Tales) to come by unannounced. For the last few weeks I’ve been following the kids around, picking up their messes or actually supervising them doing the jobs, and it’s been fairly decent, but the one day I let it all go, someone’s here to see my contest entry for Best Imitation of the Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe.

I wonder if I won.

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5 Responses to Hey, no wonder it smells like feet in here.

  1. Adorable picture!  I have had those days.  The one day I decide to not be on top of things, I’ll need the fix-it guys to come over or someone will drop by unexpectedly.  At least you got your part.

  2. Momof2js says:

    That Agnes face is priceless.  Your sheets are dry and there is food in the cupboard.  You can’t win the Old Mother Hubbard contest. 

  3. You definitely won! I was just telling my sister today, that once you get to this many kids, if you let things go for ONE day, your house suddenly looks like a national disaster area. . .and trying to dig out of the hole, almost makes the day you relaxed not worth it.  I dug out of the hole today (and read a lot w/ the little guys), but the big kids didn’t do a BIT of school work. . .Yes, those would be the middle schooler and 5th grader, who actually need to be doing some “book learnin.” ;)Sorry to babble about stuff only semi-related, but it’s nice to talk to someone who understands.  E đŸ™‚

  4. Looking at that picture probably makes it all worth it, right? I’ve been thinking about how our society views children–are you aware that some moms are criticized for having “too many ” children????  Each child is not only a gift from God, but a promise, too, because only God knows the potential of each individual soul to obtain greatness for the Kingdom of our Lord. You probably “won” the Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe contest, but in the end, you will win an eternal prize for how you are living out your state in life.  God bless you.

  5. Girl, I would not even know the first thing about parts for a dryer.

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