Not Ready

As I look around at my house on this Vigil of the Nativity of Our Lord, I see many things undone. Counters that need clearing. Gifts that need wrapping. Carpets that need vacuuming. With all the sickness that blows through a typical (and we’re no exception) household this time of year, it can be so difficult to complete the perfect to-do list. My personal list is something that probably would require three of Santa’s elves to help me complete even if I were well, which unfortunately has not been the case.

It can be discouraging… but then it occurred to me, isn’t that a bit like the Nativity of Our Lord? Talk about not ready! Our Lady and St. Joseph had no hotel reservations. Poor Mary did not even have a nice, comfy home birth. It was a stable birth. With animals. And yet, it was the most perfect picture of God’s love — not a picture, actually, but the very Incarnation of His love. I would call that working out okay.

So I guess I can deal with “not ready,” if it means my house isn’t quite up to par. As long as my heart has prepared him room.

Let Earth Receive Her King!

Merry Christmas, one and all!


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