How she does it: Laundry

As I’m sure all you moms of >1.4 children do as well, I often get the question “How on earth do you do it?” I would like to begin to answer that question on this blog. After all, who doesn’t need tips on better household management?

Today’s “How She Does It” tips and tricks will be on the subject of laundry.*

How To Save Time On Laundry When You Have Children:

  1. Buy white tube socks only so no matching is required.
  2. In the summer, don’t even let them get dressed unless you are going somewhere.
  3. Use one-item clothing whenever possible. Dresses instead of tops and bottoms,\ tights instead of socks, etc. A small sheet with a hole in the middle works well in a pinch.
  4. Everyone under the age of 13 wears a diaper at night, no exceptions.
  5. Wash towels, sheets, or diapers every other load so you have something easy to fold in between large loads of clothes.
  6. Lock all the clothes somewhere inaccessible and dole them out one item at a time for chore completion. Kind of like a strip poker in reverse?
  7. Each morning the children must take the outfit they wore yesterday and stand it upright. If it doesn’t stand up on its own, it must be worn again. (Exceptions will be made if it walks away by itself.)
  8. Double-duty everything. E.g., Already-used towels are great for mopping up spills.
  9. Make the kids bathe with their clothes on, then hang the clean wet clothes over the shower rack like towels.
  10. When all else fails, uniforms!
  11. What else ya got?

*Laundry is my nemesis and I have my tongue completely shoved into my cheek as I am in no position to be giving advice on same.

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1 Response to How she does it: Laundry

  1. Nicole says:

    This was hilarious. I just stumbled upon your blog last night. It was my gazillionth in a row that felt like “whackamole” with our three kiddos under 4. Too many similarities! Although we got started a little later than you and your family…who knows what’s in our future? I made my husband read the post on children at Mass – can relate 100%!!!!!!!
    Do you ever ever feel rested again? When nights are more like series of short naps, it is tough. And the people that tell you, “this is just a short phase!” usually stopped after 1.8 children. 😉
    THanks for your humor and encouragement. Blessings!

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