I wish you could have been a fly on the wall when we were discussing witches over lunch yesterday, but I will do my best to recreate the conversation.

The girls wanted to know if there were any witches in this country. (Their version of asking, “Is there any such thing as a witch?”)
I said, “Well, yes, there are real witches.”
“Are all witches bad or are there good witches, too?”
I explained that in fairy tales and make believe stories, sometimes people were called witches because they did magic, and while they were often bad, they sometimes weren’t. However, in real life, witches are people who hate Jesus, and they are always bad, because they love the devil and hate God.
So they reiterated, “In real life, witches are evil?”
Jireh: “Yeah, they’re evil, and they take people’s shoes, and umbrellas, and toys away, right?”
Hmm… not always, but sometimes I guess maybe…
Miriam: “Was Jezebel a witch? She was evil!”
Witches are evil beings, but not all evil beings are witches. Jezebel was just an evil woman, but she didn’t do what witches do.
“What do witches do?”
Well, they are in league with the devil and the demons, and they use dark magic that God told us not to, and they cast spells.
Jireh (concerned) “What words do they spell?”

I think shortly after this I decided it was time to change the subject until another day…

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