Top Ten Reasons to be Overdue

10. You still have a really good excuse for the beer gut.

9. You haven’t made any plans for this week, so your schedule is totally free.

8. You’ve been baby-ready since your due date and there’s nothing to do but maintenance and hanging out.

7. You have the gift of bonus time to hang out with the other kids and your husband before the household ecology changes.

6. If you want to take a walk or go for a drive, no need to worry about slings, car seats, change of clothes, or diapers. Just grab your belly and go.

5. You still have every reason to eat like a pig for two. Go for it while you can.

4. The baby is a LOT easier to feed this way. Look Ma, no hands!

3. There is a 0% chance of getting pregnant when you are overdue.

2. Everyone is anxious for you to sit down and be waited on.

1. You will never be as popular by phone, email or facebook with everyone, including after the baby is born.

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4 Responses to Top Ten Reasons to be Overdue

  1. Esther says:

    No. 1 & 3 are my faves. 🙂

  2. Karen says:

    Love it! Great way to put a positive spin. You’re doing great, mama!

  3. THE MOM says:

    I loved being overdue because people would say “when are you due” and I could say “ohhhhh last Tuesday” with a smile……….and you can see them get scared that you will give birth in front of them!

    I also have a theory that with each day a baby stays in utero they get stronger and smarter….they have nothing else to do in there!!!

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