Mom, Interrupted

Just a sample hour in the life.

Goal: Start making some underwear for Soren.

1. Sit down at computer.
2. Check email and Facebook.
3. Play moves on Scrabulous.
4. Brr. Turn on heater.
5. Pull out underwear pattern and look at instructions, contemplate what will be needed, select fabric and notions.
6. Get up to deal with some altercations and shush everyone because Papi is sleeping.
7. Come back in the sewing room, turn on the iron.
8. Turn on Dave Ramsey archives on the computer.
9. Go back to iron and start ironing bias binding I started last night for a different project.
10. All lights go out. Shoot, I am not supposed to turn on iron and heater in same outlet.
11. Unplug heater.
12. Go to laundry room to reset circuit breaker.
13. Transfer clothes to the dryer.
14. Go into bedroom to see what the next wash is.
15. Notice the baby needs a diaper change.
16. Start changing the diaper and realize what the baby really needs is a bath.
17. Turn on bath, rinse baby off, watch Soren strip all his clothes off and get in to join the fun. (He can hear bath water from four rooms away.)
18. Walk over to bathroom mirror, notice that belly is bigger, wonder how much bigger it could possibly get. View from four angles. Adjust skirt.
19. Take children out of bath, diaper and dress them.
20. Walk through hall calling other children to pick up certain items.
21. Remember that Papi is sleeping in the next room.
22. Sit down at computer again, start a blog post about being interrupted.
23. Get up to mediate another fight about the Mega Blocks Cinderella. Confiscate item in question. Shush kids.
24. Go back to computer, finish post.

Hmm maybe now I will actually trace and cut out the pattern. Right after I put the kids down… they are fighting and making noise again…

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