Smooth? Ha ha ha

It has been a rough couple of days, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Someone left a comment about our move going smoothly and it made me laugh. (Thanks for that.) Yeah. So last time I updated I mentioned that we had to make a second truck trip. Initially we were going to get a large truck and put everything on. So by the law of LIFO, we would have the last minute, most-necessary items in front of the truck to unload first. But as it turned out, we had to leave those items to the second trip. As Providence would have it, by the time Dave and the twins got through loading the truck again and cleaning out the house (any vacuuming needed to be done Sat as the power was set to cut off Mon), it was after 9pm.

Then the rains came. It was a full-on downpour. I was on my way back with the kids at the same time Dave was driving back with the truck. Of course, after a long hard day (for me), the kids were sweet and quiet all the way home. NOT. Christina was the worst, as ever since the NY trip she has decided to abhor the car seat and no matter what we do she screams the whole time. So, we get back to the apartment and there are no beds set up because all three screwdrivers were in the second load. I put mattresses on the floor and looked around: no sheets. Hmm, they must be on the truck too. How about the master bed? Nope, no sheets for that either. OK at least I can get the kids ready for bed. What’s that? No toilet paper… you got it, on the truck. I couldn’t hang up any clothes because the box of hangers was in the second load too. Well, I looked forward to Dave and the boys getting back so we could get all the stuff we needed.

Unfortunately when they got back, it was almost 11 and the twins really needed to get home. In addition it was still pouring rain, and Dave didn’t want to get everything soaked nor did he know where the few items we really needed were inside the truck. So, we were going to have to make do. We talked about going to a hotel but we really didn’t want to get back on the road in that torrent. Dave went into the kitchen to do something and then I hear a crash followed by a bloodcurdling scream. He didn’t expect the clothes dryer to be smack dab in the middle of the kitchen, where we had to leave it because we couldn’t push in the washer because it wasn’t hooked up because the screwdriver and other tools were in the truck. (Is this starting to remind you of The House that Jack Built yet?)

Well, we found enough stuff with which we made do, to tell the rest of the story in a nutshell. We eventually got our tired, pain-ridden bodies in bed and somehow made it (albeit late) to church in the morning. We figured, why not? We are only a few minutes away now. Which was the good part. And then we came back and napped for the afternoon.

Not exactly what I would call smooth. Monday morning Dave unloaded the truck into the house and then he had to be off to return the truck and head down for the walk-through and closing on the house (which praise God, went great). In the meantime the twins came back with another friend and helped me sort the stuff into the right rooms and put a couple beds together. Today I am finishing up the living area, kitchen and master bedroom. The sewing room and Dave’s office will be set up last, but hopefully by the end of the week. We should be settled in pretty soon, then. But moving is definitely one of the more stressful life events I can think of.

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  1. vegbee says:

    Ah, those little essential things. That was my goof up on this move too. Our first night we made do without an alarm clock and I still can’t find the coffee. Still managed to get to the park yesteday though with the kids. It’s funny how if you don’t priortize the children’s need they end up hijacking the schedule anyway.

    This morning I find the kitchen and Birdie’s pants. And then this evening I will head back to the old place for another round with a scrub brush. Somewhere in between I hope to have my phone hooked up and maybe have just a tiny nap.

    You are so right, moving is hugely stressful.

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