Pro Life Commercials

This morning I woke up and had this phrase in my head that developed into what could be a series of pro-life commercials. I wrote down my initial ideas for them and thought I would share them with you.

Pro Life Commercial 1

A convertible playing party music, with two young long-haired women inside, turns into a medical complex. Camera zooms to the driver’s face, a pretty woman in her late 20s/early 30s. She looks at her passenger.

FRIEND: [with concern] Are you sure I can’t stay with you? Just for support?
WOMAN: No, thanks. I just want to put this behind me. They say it is a simple procedure. Just pick me up in about an hour and a half.
FRIEND: OK, see you then.

The woman gets up and shuts the car door. As the convertible pulls away she turns toward the medical building and for the first time we get a good look at her and see that she is pregnant. She looks up at the building and reads the sign which says “Clinic.” When she starts to walk, she realizes she is about to run right into a woman with a stroller.

STROLLER LADY: Whoops, I’m sorry.
WOMAN: No, I’m sorry.

The stroller whooshes away and WOMAN sees a cute pink baby hat on the ground. She picks it up and starts after STROLLER LADY.

WOMAN: Wait! You forgot y–

WOMAN notices the stroller is out of sight. Looks at the baby hat, looks at the entrance of the building, looks at the baby hat.

Next scene:
FRIEND pulls up in convertible, this time playing calmer music. WOMAN is sitting on a park bench close to the building, still holding the baby hat. FRIEND looks at WOMAN and sees her with one hand on her belly, looking down and smiling.

FRIEND: Is everything ok?
WOMAN: It will be, I hope.

WOMAN walks to car and gets in.

WOMAN: Change of plans. Can you take me to pick out some nursery bedding?
FRIEND: Sure, I know just the place.
Women continue to chatter happily as convertible pulls away.

Appears on the screen in large letters: CHOOSE LIFE.

VOICEOVER BY ANNOUNCER: Opinions may be changed to protect the innocent.

Pro Life Commercial 2

A young, pretty black WOMAN is sitting on the examining table at the doctor’s office.
DOCTOR comes in with a clipboard.

DOCTOR: Well, you’re pregnant.
WOMAN (shocked): What?
DOCTOR: Oh, this wasn’t a planned pregnancy?
WOMAN: Well, no, not at all. I’m still finishing school, my husband is working two jobs… this is really bad timing actually.
DOCTOR: No problem. We can take care of that for you. Our receptionist will set up an appointment for a couple of weeks from now. See you back then.

WOMAN wanders out of the office in a daze, goes to reception, looks at an appointment card that is handed to her, walks out of the doctor’s office.

She gets home, goes to her closet, takes out a shoebox size box from the top of her closet and opens it. It is full of memorabilia from her childhood. At the bottom are her first pair of satin shoes that she wore home from the hospital. (They are attached to a card with a photo of her as a baby wearing them.) She takes out the card and shoes, sets them on her desk, and picks up the telephone. She looks at her appointment card, dials a number.

WOMAN: Hi, I’m calling to cancel an appointment.

Appears on the screen in large letters: CHOOSE LIFE.

VOICEOVER BY ANNOUNCER: Opinions may be changed to protect the innocent.


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