Where have I been?

Sorting and de-cluttering like a madwoman. Isn’t it great that the one year I am not pregnant, I still get to do the de-junking thing? That is usually a side effect of my second trimester. This time it’s even more serious because we are hoping to downsize to a 3 bedroom apartment. That means some serious donating/freecycling/throwing out is going on around here. I gave away my hoop slip from my wedding dress yesterday.

Speaking of which, is anyone interested in my wedding dress? It’s a size 6 in wedding dress size I think (size 2 in regular). Yeah, I was tiny. I’m not saving it for my girls and it will be out of date pretty soon I’m sure so if there are any takers that would make me happy. I would like to get something for it, but I’m open to negotiate.

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2 Responses to Where have I been?

  1. joyinvanity says:

    Getting rid of your wedding dress?! Man, you Do like to de-clutter! I hope it will be a real blessing to someone! Out of curiosity I am compelled to ask (yet knowing you have no obligation to answer): Why renting an apartment? It seems like ya’ll have a great home and property . . . Is it Dave Ramsey???

  2. KC_SAHM says:

    WOW!  Moving to a 3 brm appt?! It’s funny, I was looking at your site and covething your nice, shaded porch the other day.  We lived in a middle floor 3 brm in CT for awhile.  The upstairs people fought and used such horrible language that we had to leave so our son wouldn’t pick it up and the downstairs people smoked.  Needless to say when we were looking to rent I was adament about not getting a middle apartment.  I will keep you in prayer about this as I know it won’t be easy. I would love some more tips on decluttering.  How do you get rid of the semtimental stuff? And the sentimental stuff I’m talking about isn’t like kids pictures and things, by sentimental I mean the stuffed doll Granny sent one year for Christmas that sits in a corner gathering dust and although occasionally gotten out to hear the prayer said when you put his hands together, otherwise never gets played with.  But when I try to get rid of it I think, “hmmmm Granny paid good money for this and I’m casually giving it away without a thought.  If I bought something for somenoe and they casually gave it away without a thought wouldn’t it hurt?  Even a little?”   I don’t know if you’ll even have time to answer this with how busy you’ll be decluttering.  But when you are more setttled I’d love some thoughts.  I did get your last comment about fly lady and I did try her but at the time was feelign a bit overwhelmed so maybe I’ll go back and try again.  (or get the book)

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