Thanks for the idea, Cece/Mel!

Christina is getting two more teeth! I can see them just about to break through.

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8 Responses to Thanks for the idea, Cece/Mel!

  1. smk1979 says:

    That IS a good idea. So how DO you do it? =)

  2. Ha ha. I’m waiting a few months, then you can tell me.

  3. What cute little swimming pools! Christina is quite the master of growing teeth. 🙂

  4. How fun. Now you don’t have to buy a kiddy pool.

  5. so cute!
    no occasion per se- beth and i have kept in touch and they were driving to long island so they stopped here for the afternoon. they’re coming back for the show (at least beth) so you’ll see them. she is BEAUTIFUL and so sweet still!

  6. Momof2js says:

    That is hilarious and so cute. Why didn’t I ever think of it? She is full of ideas that are so simple and brilliant. I’m a big fat duh. Unbelievable how much they love it. Why on earth did I spend money to join a swim club??!!

  7. we used to have a big old metal washtub that we played in like that when I was 7 or something.

  8. We did this also, when my kids were small.  Now I fill up a stock tub for the older kids and a small pool for the younger  set.  Life was much easier when could fill up the smaller tubs like you can.  Enjoy your kids while they are small— they grow up so fast.  3 of my kids are over 18 now– it seems that that were small just yesterday 🙂

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