Busy week

We have been really busy this week. I’ve been doing a lot of outside work and haven’t really been at the computer much. I did a bunch of pruning of our shrubs (which has never been done since we moved here) so it wouldn’t look like overgrown jungle. Though, that jungle look is what makes our property so exciting for exploring.

Soren wanted me to take this photo. I feel like I have taken this same shot a dozen times before.

And just when I thought I was out of the woods, my baby decided to become a thumb sucker. That makes three out of four. I love how she covers her eyes to shut out the light.

And, I have tried getting Christina to sit numerous times in the past weeks but
could only get pictures of her falling to one side or the other. Today, she finally was able to sit up unassisted long enough for me to snap this (fuzzy) photo with my phone!

The biggest news of the day… my beautiful baby sister Esther is finally here!! Yay! This will go way too fast, I just know it.

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10 Responses to Busy week

  1. MilaGrin84 says:

    Miriam talked to me on the phone today when Essie called 🙂 and I heard Christina. So sweet. Hope you visit soon!

  2. Akialuz says:

    I love “jungles”.
    thumb sucker.  hahah  how old is Christina?  Nella started at 3 mos. 
    Ess we miss you!!  Come back!!  LOL

  3. esti called mila? i’m jealous.
    have fun. cute thumb sucker!

  4. Miriam was 3 months when she started; Soren started almost immediately. I figured at almost 6 months she would have done it already but… I guess I was doing such a good job being a human pacifier that she didn’t need to…

  5. Akialuz says:

    Aggie started the first week; tried form day one.  Wow.  Let’s see how the next baby does…

  6. tolovemercy1 says:

    Are you kidding?! I WISH Ambrose would suck his thumb.

  7. It’s nice at first. It gets old 3 or 4 years later.

  8. Ha ha! I’m posting a photo of John sitting up unsupported today as well. I promise I’m not copycatting you!
    John hasn’t found his thumb but takes great joy in sucking on his pointer finger.

  9. Kyrie started sucking her thumb around 5 months and was completely over it by 9 months. A very short-lived phase! And everyone else was telling me to switch her to a pacifier or she’d get buck teeth. Whatever, people.

  10. I’m finally able to post after a month and a half.
    Athanasius is totally a thumb sucker. He tries really hard and sometimes succeeds. He still refuses a pacifier. He has a really bad gag reflex and sometimes he will gag when he tries to suck on his thumb. Then, he spits up. Poor thing.
    I was looking at one of your post that said you are currently watching “Alias: Season 2”. We have rented all the seasons and they are great. You will totally love all the seasons. We could watch an entire season in less than 2 days and I know we did when we first started watching them. We were totally hooked. Plus, Jennifer is my favorite actress.

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