Last day of quiet

Yesterday was really productive! It was amazing – at 3pm I had compiled about 5 donation bags and was pretty much done with the other sorting of all our non-seasonal and outsized clothes. So I thought, “Hey, the thrift store doesn’t close until 4, I can probably make it.” Lo and behold, I had loaded the car with clothes and baby and gotten out of our subdivision by 3:18. I had forgotten how quickly you can get out the door without four young kids!

Dave and I miss the kids, but it was kind of neat as well as strange to spend a couple of nights without them. Last night after a hard day’s work, we looked at each other and said:
“Hey! There’s nobody sleeping upstairs. We can like, go out for drinks if we want to.”
“Wow, you’re right! We sure could!”
“So, you want to go out for ice cream? Drinks?”
“No, not really. You?”
“Nah. I kind of wish I did.”
“Me too.”
“Oh well.”

But, my special sister Esther is coming soon to “essist” me for almost a week! Yay! Maybe while she is here, Dave and I will feel like going out for that drink.

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4 Responses to Last day of quiet

  1. Good job on the declutter/purging. Sounds theraputic.Ha ha, who needs a drink when you can go to bed early?

  2. Akialuz says:

    haha  not drinks but I would have gone for at least Dunkin’ Donuts and hot chocolate.  hahaha  I die for DD’s. 
    good job declutering!

  3. holliep says:

    that’s what always seems to happen. the idea of dinner or drinks is nice but the couch/bed wins most every time.

  4. i thought of you yesterday cause someone offered to babysit and we were like, ‘where would we even go???’

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