can you see her?

the mama bird sitting on her nest

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5 Responses to can you see her?

  1. HeartofHome says:

    Love your birdie pictures. What a treat for the little ones to witness it all.Happy Mother’s Day!!

  2. tolovemercy1 says:

    Happy Mother’s day!!!

  3. So, what are the babies doing? Have you been able to see the mama feeding them yet? I bet that’d be cute!

  4. Akialuz says:

    she’s dark…

  5. Sarah, I am sorry that I didn’t tell you. It was kind of a last minute change of plans, and I forgot who I had told and who I hadn’t. Also, when I saw you on Thursday, I thought, for some reason, that I would see you again before I left. I hated saying goodbye to everyone so much that I didn’t want to do it twice. As a consequence, I missed saying goodbye at all to several folks, including your family.I am also sorry that I took your DVDs with me and forgot to give you clothes for Soren. Both will be forthcoming in the mail. Soren is in 2T, right?

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