Soren tries to say words all the time and his pronunciation is really funny. For example, for “milk” he says “mips.” He also plays beautiful tunes on the piano. Quite a sense of melody he has. Sometimes I think it’s Miriam playing before I look.

I’m about 2/3 done with the kids’ outfits. They are coming along really nicely. I will post pictures when I’m done.

I had about 3 stories to share but they have all run out of my head.

Well, back to work I guess.

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  1. Yes, you’re right. I shouldn’t have lied to him- I agree that you shouldn’t ever lie to kids. I totally copped out.

  2. Akialuz says:

    you shouldn’t lie, but I think that “little lie” Leah said is not going to scar him for life. ;o)
    Hahaha  I hope it’s a boy.  The dr said he saw “something there between the legs”…  But it was too early to deduce.
    Nella is 13 mos and has 2 older siblings; not early.  ;o)  YOU should know!! 
    Lord willing Josh will start piano lessons soon.  He’s excited!  We too.
    Remember those stories. ;o)  …and share them.

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