Aren’t you supposed to take fewer and fewer baby photos the more children you have? I seem to be skewing in the opposite direction. Oh well, it’s fun. Here she is again.

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  1. Akialuz says:

    hahah  very interesting.  I was thinking abt that same thing yesterday, I take less and you came to my mind.  You take a lot of pictures of Christina, but I would too!!!  In my case I want to always take of Nella but (thankfully?) the camera is never so near.

  2. sunlesssea says:

    You’ve co-slept with Christina, right? How is she at sleeping compared to your others?

  3. it’s just ridiculous.
    (the cuteness.)
    are her eyes always such different sizes? or just from smiling?

  4. She really is very cute. Maybe I will just relabel my xanga “Introducing Our Newest Addition”

  5. holliep says:

    how could you NOT take millions of pictures with a baby that adorable?

  6. THanks Sarah! Yeah it all works out.

  7. Leah – I looked at her from all different angles to see if her eyes were noticably different sizes, but I think they aren’t. Maybe it’s just her crooked smile. She has Dave’s smile you know. When unsmiling, she looks like Beccah and Esther. Sarah – I have coslept with her the whole time, yes, and she sleeps about the same as the others. She has started waking herself up now by rolling in the night, but mostly she sleeps longer than I do, just like all my other babies. (Now you are going to shoot me right?) Did you sleep with either of yours?

  8. Its a half hearted start. I think its early but I’d also like to think if I’m consistent it would work.It would be nice if he were out of diapers by christmas.

  9. ErinLandrum says:

    She’s getting so big, and so am I!

  10. if her eyes were pretty different she would have gotten that from me.  that was one of the things the modeling agency warned me about with my smile, do you remember?

  11. joyandryan says:

    We, too, get such a kick out of Reno 911!   How is your garden coming?  I read and looked at your pictures with interest.  Here, in Colorado, we just had snow last week, so they don’t recommend we plant until after Mother’s Day.  My daughter and I are embarking on our first garden experience as soon as it’s warm enough.

  12. The zucchini squash is doing great. And one of the cucumber plants. I am not too hopeful about the other stuff. We put the garden box in the sunniest spot we have, but it’s probably still not enough sun. If everything dies, we will replant the squares with shade plants. We still have tomato seedlings that need planting shortly, so we might do that in a week or two and have tomatoes. I think the basil will do ok, too, but it’s going slowly. Thanks for asking!

  13. Not that we will have tomatoes in a week or two, just that we are planting the seedlings then.

  14. Your little one is cute.  I didn’t drop of taking pictures of my kids until about the 5 one.  It was after a move and I never got back to it. My second oldest daughter (20) starting taking pictures of the kids a couple of years ago— after she got a camera to take to world youth day in Germany.  The digital are so nice because you can delete all the bad pictures ie  fingers, walls, floors lol. — which makes taking pictures alot cheaper.  Have fun taking pictures 🙂

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