I’ve got the bug

I have the sewing bug really bad now. I bought fabric for the kids’ matching outfits. I have been daydreaming and fantasizing about the finished products since Saturday. I can’t WAIT to do it. They are going to be so cute.  You know what is on today’s agenda.

edit: here’s the fatty. notice her tooth.

So, I’m making good progress on my sewing project. The kids have been playing very nicely outside and I have a good view of most of the property from my sewing room windows. Just now I set Soren up to play in a confined area by putting him on the front deck with a couple of cars. I just discovered that one of his sisters had opened the inside door and let him wander around in the house. He quickly found some toothpaste and made his way back outside where Jireh helped him smear it all over himself, herself and the deck. Cute. Smells minty fresh when you walk outside, too.

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16 Responses to I’ve got the bug

  1. I love sewing buggs. But only when they are sucsessfully productive. Good luck!

  2. tolovemercy1 says:

    have fun! ryc: yes, we’re traditional byzantine. and thanks!

  3. tolovemercy1 says:

    oh, and i’m not familiar with the dave ramsey plan, though i do know who he is. do inform!

  4. Akialuz says:

    i’m sure they’ll be cute.  :o)

  5. tolovemercy1 says:

    oh, I just emailed you that recipe, if you still need it.

  6. rmromero says:

    I wear a 16 1/2 neck and a 34 sleeve.Just in case you were wondering.

  7. Akialuz says:

    so cute!  I find it very cute that she has one tooth. my children’s teeth grow in pairs.

  8. a) she is adorable.
    b) levi & tehilah are remarkably similar- we can’t tell some newborn pix apart. but her eyes are much bluer. (ps- his eyes have gotten more blue and less dark! from the pictures i just posted you can kinda tell- they don’t look like they’ll be brown, right?)
    c) you are a nice sister. i love you. and i am jealous of julie.

  9. Momof2js says:

    How do your kids manage to find every possible openable item in your house?? You poor dear.

  10. Nice tooth! I’ve been wondering what an erupting tooth looks like. When John is going to town chewing on his fingers, I check his gums, but no sign of any teeth yet!

  11. I think you should photograph the fabric you bought so we all have something to envision until the outfits are completed!

  12. MaMaMollisa says:

    I love making things!!  YAY!

  13. Sorry K, no peeking ’til it’s done!

  14. tolovemercy1 says:

    hey, i was just thinking…….for your suggestion box: you should make/sell those shopping cart harnesses for floppy-ish babies, you know? i have one, love it, but it’s falling apart.

  15. I have a pattern for it, but have never made one. You should wait until the fabric stores are having a sale and buy it- It’s Simplicity #4225. (Do you sew at all?)

  16. tolovemercy1 says:

    i do sew… out of necessity, and certainly not for enjoyment. i’m currently working on converting my jeans to skirts. (imagine that!!!) thanks for the pattern #!!

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