Miriam has started singing with a really strong vibrato which is weird because I don’t listen to female vocalists. Maybe she’s just “getting into it.”

Speaking of vibrato, my favorite brother was singing at Carnegie Hall last night! I’m sorry to have missed it. Someone tell me, what was on the program?

Jireh has been pacifier-free for about 3 weeks now, maybe more. But the problem is that now she can’t self-soothe during the night and every night wakes up and wants to come in our room. I have set up pile ups on the floor for her, or let her in bed with us (depending on how close to morning it is) but Dave is getting sick of being awoken mid-sleep (we work hard for our sleep around here). Any suggestions? I was thinking of setting up a toddler bed in our room for her just so she can come get in and not bother us.

My well-laid scheme o’ the day is to get started on four matching outfits for my kids. Christina’s six-month portrait appointment is May 22 and if I can get the outfits ready, I can get some of all four kids then too. We’ll see what gets done.

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  1. Momof2js says:

    A mini-bed is a good idea but sounds like a lot of effort. Do she and Miriam sleep together? If not, tell her to crawl into bed with her sister I tend to let them pile in with me, and then 5 minutes later I carry them back to bed. This is not necessarily recommended since you have to stay awake until they have fallen back to sleep and then you have to get up and haul them back. We bought our wood today to build our square foot garden! We need a cage like your’s or a fence because we have a full wildlife preserve in our backyard. I will look for the Phantom Tollbooth. I’ve never read it. I love book suggestions. The gal who reads the Melendy books on CD, Pamala Tillman I think, has the best voice for the book. It made it so enjoyable to listen to it with the boys. (easier for me!)

  2. tolovemercy1 says:

    When I was a kid, my mom always put sleeping bags next to their bed at night. So when I or any of my siblings wanted in, we had a place to go without disturbing mom and dad. That’s my two cents, for what it’s worth.Also, that’s hilarious about Miriam’s singing. Seems like all little girls do that at some point…

  3. Thanks Erin, that is the kind of thing I was looking for. I might need to do that. And thanks Mel – actually, quite by happenstance, when I read your comment Miriam had just taken Jireh into her bed, and that went really well the rest of the night (until about 6:30 when Jireh came down to my bed for the remainder of the morning). I think you’re right, she might just need to be with another person. We’ll keep experimenting.

  4. GranolaMomma says:

    We encourage them to snuggle with a sibling but sometimes they just need momma. So, we usually keep a toddler or twin bed in our room. Ideally it would be great to have a separate sick bedroom, but for those times when there are sickies going around, that bed in our room has meant the difference between me getting sleep or not.

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