Julie and the kids were over yesterday. Now, when the two of us get together, we have seven kids between us. Yikes. The kids played outside most of the day. They have been enjoying a mostly-empty shed we have out back and using it as a playhouse. Yesterday I put some toys and some blow up couches in there for them to play with.

Jireh, Lucie and Søren are very close in age (9 and 6 months apart).

Philip and Miriam got along for a picture (they are just over 8 months apart).

I don’t know what Christina said to shock 2-week old Eden, but it must’ve been pretty bad!

I weighed Christina at my in-laws’ on Sunday. She is about 15 lb 4 oz.
Little fatty! She has well exceeded her sisters’ weights at this age. They might
have been 15 lbs at 9 months old.

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9 Responses to Cousins

  1. that picture of Eden & Christina actually made me laugh out loud. How funny and cute!
    Levi is a miracle. Really, maybe he is yours. I’ve never experienced anything like this! Everyone says he’s a genius because he studies people for long moments. It really looks like he knows something.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Cousins are soo fun!

  3. haha those pictures are great!

  4. This post deserves more than three comments. That is all I have to say.

  5. Christina looks so pleased with herself for saying something scandalous to Eden! 😀

  6. Momof2js says:

    Great pics. That Christina is darling.

  7. sunlesssea says:

    What, did her face freeze like that?Poor scandalised Eden. Will e-mail you about the coming weekend. How does time get away from me?

  8. Akialuz says:

    All these pix are precious.

  9. LOL Sarah… I noticed the same thing. Truth is she thinks she is going to eat the camera and she is opening wide.

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