Recipe hunt

Does anyone have a favorite focaccia recipe?

By the way, I have seen the bird sitting on her nest many times and last time she wasn’t there, there were three eggs, not two! What a weird, low place for a nest. I hope the eggs/babies do ok.

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5 Responses to Recipe hunt

  1. Sorry, I have no recipe.  However, I have a bird story.  Last summer we had a tiny little nest with the same eggs in it.  There were two, little and blue, like the ones in yours, and the momma would flit out of the bush any time we walked by.  After a week or two a third egg showed up in the nest, but it was much larger than the others, brown and speckled.  I’ve heard of birds that do this– lay eggs in other birds’ nests and then abandon them to be raised by another.  (All kinds of moral applications here, no doubt.)  Anyway, the brown egg hatched way before the blue ones were ready.  That baby bird grew at an exponential rate and was still covered with down and had closed eyes by the time it outgrew the nest.  We never did see what happened to that baby or the momma, but eventually the nest was abandoned and the other eggs never hatched.  All this to say, if the third egg is larger than the first two, you might have something to think about.

  2. Ha, thanks, it’s exactly the same though. Sounds kind of like the ugly duckling story.

  3. ellenpipes says:

    Yes!!  I have one of the best foccacia recipes from Cook’s Illustrated.  It is in their baking book and I could e-mail it to you.  I have made it many times and have found the fresh rosemary/salt can turn a non-bread eater into a fanatic.  I actually converted a friend’s husband one night as he referred to bread as a “filler.”  He’ll never be the same again. 
    It has boiled potato in it and I could go on and on.

  4. jasmine624 says:

    Sorry, no focaccia recipes here. Sadly, I don’t even know what that is. And no bird stories either. (Boy, am I a lousy reader or what?)ryc: (hee?) Thanks for stopping by! I haven’t seen House, but I have only heard good things about it. btw, your kids are breathtakingly beautiful!!

  5. did mommy ever call you re: focaccia? i did tell her…

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