Heav’n and Nature Sing

Last week I noticed a bird flying around with straw in its beak and I was intrigued. Then today, I was tending to the garden and a bird flew out of the holly bush by our front deck as though startled. It suddenly occurred to me that the bird might be nesting in that bush, and as I ducked and stretched to peer into the bush from my vantage point, I was rewarded by a glimpse of a perfectly crafted straw nest. Elated, I called the kids and told them we were going outside to look at a bird’s nest. To my surprise the nest actually contained 2 beautiful blue eggs! What a great nature study for the kids. The only other nest or eggs I’d seen before had been tragically knocked out of a tree, but this was the first time I got to see one up close that was intact and still “home” for the bird. We will be watching with interest to see if the eggs are hatched.

The view from our front deck

Close up

The kids looking over at the nest

Bonus pics:

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12 Responses to Heav’n and Nature Sing

  1. Oh my goodness! Look at her! What a big girl and what a cutie!! Pretty eggs, btw!And about tomorrow…my sister Joanna is here now and will be spending the night, so tomorrow I won’t be alone with all 3. If she has to leave at a certain time, maybe I’ll have mom take me to your house or something. Anyway, if you’re still up, you can call my house phone. Phil went out to play guitar again…

  2. The nest sounds really great. How fun for you and the kids!Sorry about yesterday. I should have called, or something, earlier.So…how come you can harvest the radishes so early? I thought all you had was sprouts.

  3. supposedly the radishes are ready to eat in 3-4 weeks from seed.

  4. joyinvanity says:

    That last pic is hilarious — it looks like you have a head growing from your chest!!! You could make a great costume with that sling! It looks like a great, secure way to carry the babe! That nest is something really special and beautiful! How fun!

  5. Thats a really good looking nest! And Sarah, I didn’t know your house was so cute.

  6. Akialuz says:

    so cute you are so excited abut seeing a nest.  :o) and thank you, before I move I should look for one in my backyard and show the children.  I have Cardinals there. 
    I like you house.  :o)

  7. MamaMcGee says:

    I am planting shell peas, but up here all peas get planted this early.  Maybe it’s the difference in climate?
    Does your back get sore carrying Christina in the sling?  I had a front pack for Jude when he was younger, but by the end of the day I couldn’t stand up straight.

  8. Jenny – Hmm, I guess maybe it is still pretty chilly where you are? I think it is too warm here for peas. Now that you mention it the pack did specify south vs north. A front pack is very different from a fabric wrap because the weight is not as evenly distributed. The shoulder “straps” go across my whole shoulder and back evenly. Up to 20 or 25 lbs of baby I cannot really feel it in my back. The heavier they get, my feet start getting sore, though, from carrying the extra weight. I agree the front pack (even the expensive ones) causes back pain eventually. I have not had that problem with this style wrap and I’ve been using it since Jireh was a baby.

  9. wow what a beautiful nest!! that’s so exciting. i can’t believe it has blue eggs, no less. wow! i’m gonna show judah these pix since that’s as close as we get to nature.

  10. whiffet says:

    Dave’s probably told you this, but when we found a nest when we were little, the mama bird never came back. A little reading showed that if the mama bird smells humans, she’ll pack up and leave the little’uns to die.Now that was many years ago, and I haven’t done any research since then. Also, we probably got much closer that you did. As I remember, we actually picked up the baby birds. Quelle bêtise! Anyway, just be careful. A swarm of ants ending of killing these baby birds, and I remember being absolutely shocked and disturbed for days. It was perhaps the most ghastly sight a kid my age could see.Okay, enough.

  11. We haven’t touched the nest or the branches it is on. Thanks though! I have heard the same thing about human smell on baby birds.

  12. The only birds’ eggs we see in our yard have crashed to the ground, probably knocked out by squirrels. Enjoy your observations!
    I like the fabric of your (new?) wrap.

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