5 months old

Happy 5 month birthday Christina!

Christina is our friendliest (and possibly best looking) baby yet. If she so much as glimpses her siblings or parents, she will light up like a Christmas tree and start kicking her feet excitedly. She has giggle fits when someone plays peekaboo with her, or when one of her sisters jumps up and down for her benefit. She can roll from front to back; lift shoulders, chest and feet off the floor, and put things in her mouth. She is still fascinated by her hands and feet and will stare at them for a long time. She’s very contented and a remarkably good baby.

The little outfit she is wearing was made for Jireh, who wore it the summer she was 1 year old. At 12 months, Jireh weighed about 17 lbs; I think Christina is currently around 14.

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10 Responses to 5 months old

  1. tolovemercy1 says:

    gosh, she’s such a doll. five months already…how time flies! 14 pounds is nothing, man. i think ambrose is pushing 17.

  2. sunlesssea says:

    My goodness. I had no idea she was that old.

  3. Yeah, Soren was 24 lbs at 12 mos. My girls tend to be a lot smaller. Christina is the biggest of all the girls though.

  4. Happy birthday to Miss Christina! What a cutie. How is she sitting up in that little booster seat? John can sit in a Bumbo seat (which does most of the work for him), but I can’t imagine a booster he could sit in yet.

  5. Momof2js says:

    She really is a cutie. That pic of her looking over Dave’s shoulder…a framer! We have a neighbor who raises chickens for eggs too. We benefit greatly. We get eggs and Jacob thinks he helps take care of the chickens with “Mr. ken” which sort of eases the pain of having no pets of his own.

  6. You are crazy, (in a good way). Happy 5 month birthday Christina!

  7. Momof2js says:

    I just read your post to me (we’ve been gone) about 4 and 5 year olds and their awareness/curiosity about God and their own metaphysics. It is soo true. Even with daily things like sleep…Jacob has been pondering the wonder that when you are asleep you don’t realize it and that as you fall asleep, you don’t really know you are falling asleep, you just ARE. This has been his reflection yesterday and today.

  8. Katherine, she can sit for about 5-10 minutes and then starts leaning to one or the other side. The tray keeps her pretty upright. And when I put toys on it she stays occupied when I am working in the kitchen for a few minutes.

  9. happy five month birthday baby angel.

  10. What a cutie! Many years of fun to come.

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