How does your garden grow?

I don’t know what it is about seeds that I have planted sprouting, but it really makes me kind of giddy.
My dill-on-a-sill is doing great. I will be transplanting it into a fourpack pretty soon, and the tomato plants are sprouting too, as is my sill basil. The basil in the garden box has not surfaced yet, but we are seeing sprouts of radishes, beets, swiss chard and spinach.                                           

The kids played outside again today since it was so beautiful. They did great again with staying on the property.

Here they are playing with the hose.

Could Soren be the next Indiana Jones, do you think?

They had to strip before coming inside.

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10 Responses to How does your garden grow?

  1. Akialuz says:

    yay for nature an fresh herbs!!!  yay for warmer weather!!! yay  for those who happen to enjoy both!!  :o)

  2. Kids love gardens, but I think God keeps us in awe, too.
    Spring is an exciting time.

  3. I know how you feel. I went out every morning to check to see if my herbs were sprouting. It is very exciting. I love Jireh’s expression above.

  4. dill-on-a-sill…lol
    We have oregano in our front yard. it’s taking over…

  5. [my] dave and i started our garden this last weekend. the property we live on is considered ‘riverbed’ so the ground was amazing. we didnt have to add any dirt/topsoil or anything! i couldnt believe it.  ended up planting 9 tomato plants, 9 bell peppers, some sweet basil, and rosemary. i coudnt find any decent dill plants that were already established, so i think i might have to start some seeds… and loose-leaf lettuce.
    i cant believe [your] dave will be in oklahoma in june! …its too bad you wont be along for the ride. another time, perhaps!
    peace, friend

  6. ps. your children are beautiful!

  7. I love growing as well! I just don’t know if we can amend our terrible soil in time to plant this year.

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