Negotiating lessons from a 4 year old

The girls have had me laughing all through dinner and beyond.

Well, first, my little spanglish kiddos (especially Jireh) insist on calling chili “chile” (pronounced CHEE-lay) no matter how many times I say chili.

Then, Jireh was fussy at dinner and Miriam was trying to talk to her. Jireh kept responding with a loud whine.
Miriam: Jireh, can you say ‘I not the mood’?
Jireh: I not the mood, Miriam!
Miriam: OK Jireh, I will not bother you then.

Later the baby was crying so I took her over to the couch. Meanwhile back at the table…
Miriam: Mommy, I need more chips!
Me: Sorry, I have to take care of the baby now.
Miriam: She’s calm downing. She’s already calm down and she doesn’t need to nurse. You can put her down and get my chips.

There were more scenarios (and many theological lectures) but I can’t remember much detail…

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8 Responses to Negotiating lessons from a 4 year old

  1. At some point you’ll have to share Miriam’s “answer”. Though I can understand if you decide not to do so.

  2. Ha ha, I forgot about that one. As you were the eye witness, you can go ahead and say what it was if you like…

  3. Momof2js says:

    even with a blog handy at all times, it is impossible to remember all the things they say. These are very funny, as usual.

  4. Akialuz says:

    hahah  …and it seems they love that corner! ;o)
    My children always correct Anthony’s Spanish. In Latin American Spanish our y and ll are very strong, sounding like your English j.  So every time Anth says “tortilla” he gets a laugh and a long lecture on pronunciation.

  5. They are so cute and they understand more than adults at times:)

  6. ErinLandrum says:

    Hmm…perhaps there are coups everyday to oust the dictatorship.   Miriam sounds like a little diplomat. 

  7. I saw your very thorough comments on Tatianas site regarding prayer, Mary, etc. You have a great understanding of the faith. I just wanted to come and meet you!

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