Burglary 101

I was on an important phone call this morning and the kids were screaming, so I kicked them out of the room and locked the door. Two seconds later they were back in the room because I had left the key in the doorknob on the other side. I took out the key, locked the door and again closed it.

When I left the room later, somehow I locked the door behind me, and only too late I realized that the key I had left on my desk inside was the spare (the original key having been moved or misplaced some months ago). After a long and futile search for the original key, I called Dave, who was mad enough to come home from work, and then thought of my brother in law who is a handy kind of guy and probably would be able to help me. He guided me through the mechanics of opening the door with a credit card. Ah the rush to hear the click and push the door open! So thanks, Craig, for my first lesson in burglary.

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7 Responses to Burglary 101

  1. Breaking into your own house is the hardest of core.

  2. haha! craig is the best! he helped us with a drill last week, but we were lucky enough that he ran over here in person.

  3. didn’t i? i repeat. what’s agley?

  4. you already asked Daddy? he says it all the time. Did you look it up?check out this link.gang aft agley = often go awry

  5. i meant i asked daddy when i asked you.

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