Dave took these photos of us planting the garden before the camera battery ran out of juice:

Jireh was especially interested, and the most careful with spooning the seeds into the small holes we made with our fingers. I am looking forward to the teaching experience of showing the kids how things grow! But mostly I am just wayyy too impatient now for the sprouts to start coming up!

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7 Responses to planting

  1. That is so cool! I want one! Well,…maybe I’ll wait and see how it works out first. 🙂

  2. so exciting! you could be me in the last one. (that isn’t what is exciting)

  3. You are really cute Sarah. And your kidsies are too. Oh man eating home grown veggies? How much cooler can it get.

  4. MamaMcGee says:

    We’ve used the square foot method since I was little and always love the results.  We do not, however, have a great box like that.  Your husband is definitely more mechanically inclined than mine!

  5. ChocolateMom says:

    Looks like fun!  We’ve done square foot gardening for the past 3 years or so, and it’s worked out great.  I am interested in the cage that you pictured in your previous post.  We’ve been trying to come up with something that isn’t too cumbersome to use and hadn’t thought of trying anything like that.  Hope evreything grows well!  We have our plants, but haven’t planted yet because of this crazy, cold, northeast spring.

  6. Akialuz says:

    I was going to say you look so cute in the picture.  But I read the comments and I won’t repeat it.  ;oP  LOL 
    I really like this growing idea. :o)  This is one of the things I miss from home.  Here I have to buy too many things I took for granted.  My sister is starting a business on Hydroponics and “growing” earth worms, for use and sale.  Haha  It’s very cool and exciting.

  7. I just love how your kids are peering into the box, so interested!

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