Rolling Over

Better late than never.
Actually, better late than early, says this fourth time mom.

Christina is now deliberately rolling over. It’s really funny. She figured it out while Julie and I were sitting on my bed watching a movie tonight. (My part-time job lately is keeping Julie distracted so she doesn’t remember that she is about 3 1/2 weeks overdue.) Anyway, when Christina got tired of lifting her head and craning it around to try to watch the movie, she started lifting up her little bum instead, and with a little twist and wriggle, was over on her back. I turned her back over a few times and she did it deliberately again, this time looking mighty pleased with herself. I am going to have to get a photo of her smug face, if she will repeat the performance for me tomorrow.

Might I Have A Bit Of Earth?

Dave and I are making a square foot garden this spring/summer. We are REALLY excited about it!! So far, Dave has done the work – building the box, buying the soil, mixing it and putting it all together. He even designed a better (hinged) cage, to keep out the vermin, and it has a handle on it for me to open and close it easily (rather than trying to lift it off over the tops of the growing plants and then replace it). Today, Julie & I went to the local plant nursery and bought seeds for spinach, swiss chard, radishes, bell peppers (red and green), cucumbers, snow peas, jalapeno peppers, and basil. Tomorrow we shall plant!! I hope it’s as easy as Mel makes it out to be. I want another box with a trellis (maybe just a 2×2 box rather than a 4×4) so we can have tomatoes, too. Ah, garden fresh tomatoes. There is nothing like them. I’m so happy we found this square foot gardening method because it totally bypasses your existing landscape/soil. I thought I was going to have to wait until we had a different property or money to landscape, to be able to grow a garden, but turns out we can do it right away. Here are some photos.

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19 Responses to Rolling Over

  1. you could even do one, in your little backyard if you wanted!

  2. The cage is awesome.  Last year the squirrels ate all the tomatoes even though we fenced them off.  They dug holes underneath.

  3. you know i never wash my face. it’s the secret to good skin.

  4. Your garden looks great! I have seen square foot gardening before and really wanted to try it. I think it will be perfect for the desert of NM, since I will only have to water one little area.I agree with you about the tomatoes. My dad grew tomatoes and bell peppers almost every year while I was growing up. Fresh tomatoes from the garden are sooooo delicious.

  5. bubbelcat says:

    That is awesome!  Did Dave work from plans to build the planter?  If so would you be willing to share them?  I agree about the tomatoes.  Our neighbors used to give us some from their garden but they moved to Germany.   Now my best bet is the Farmer’s Market.  Unfortunately that will be cancelled this weekend because of the storm.

  6. tolovemercy1 says:

    that makes me wish i had a yard! someday….! after i posted on my blog about ambrose’s delay in rolling, he’s started doing it all the time…back to tummy. seems like it’d be easier to go the other way first, doesn’t it?

  7. Akialuz says:

    can you build one of those foe me!!!  :o)  that’s so exciting!  good luck. 

  8. miriamel78 says:

    oh, I wish my yard got sun, so I could plant stuff.  Your garden is making me envious.
    When I was growing up, we did square foot gardening for years and it worked really well.  We even planted popcorn one time!

  9. Cecemines says:

    I built a square foot garden last year (minus the cage) and had a great yield of tomatoes with almost no weeding.  I think I used the same author but took the information from the website…too cheap to buy the book.  I highly recommend a compost box.  I know you can make them but I like our “provided by the city of Ottawa” black box which gives us great compost each year and it is easy to remove the finished dirt from bottom flaps that open.  Some of my kids like to dump our kitchen veggie scraps each day.  You are getting to be quite the farm girl….I want to get chickens and a goat but Keith tells me we can’t take them with us to our next post. 

  10. i am in complete agreement about there being nothing like fresh garden tomatoes…it is a childhood memory of mine from my grandfather’s house…we used to sit there and eat them like apples!  the garden looks like so much fun 🙂

  11. Oh wow, I’ve never heard of square-foot gardening! I’m going to have to learn about how it works. I want a garden so much this year!

  12. Momof2js says:

    Is your soil too poor quality to deal with? Or do you think this will provide a better yield? What book are you following?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Looking good. That cage cover Dave made is also nifty. Are you going to plant any squash/zucchini? And with the cukes, even if you choose a “bush” variety, it’s probably a good idea to stake or trellis them. Good luck!

  14. KC_SAHM says:

    You aren’t referring to your chillins’as vermin now are you?  😉  I want to do soem sort of garden but don’t know if it’s going to happen this year.  Maybe next. 

  15. Frost Giant, thanks, yes we are doing bush of all three of those. I didn’t realize we needed a trellis anyway. Dave is going to build one for the tomato plants so maybe I will just have him make a 4×1 box for all those climbers.

  16. Re: rolling over . . . see, television is good for kids! 😉  John seems most inspired to roll over in bed to find me and nurse. I think that’s where he’ll learn to roll back to front.

  17. Alitoney says:

    Looks great! I’m glad you’re getting to use my resources, since I don’t have a yard to! 🙂 Maybe next year. I’m looking forward to seeing how it grows!

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