Them pesky labels

Bules and the kids came over today and the cousins had a fun raucous time playing together.
My four are sick with a mild cold that has taken residence in their poor eyes.
I won’t horrify and shock you by sharing the very crunchy treatment I am using for said ailment. But, I think it is working pretty well.

Oh and have I mentioned, apparently there is a label for people like me… it’s “crunchy.” I pretty much can go down the checklist and tick most of the things off, so apparently I qualify– things like home birth, eating (even growing) organic food, making your own yogurt and granola, and so on.
What I want to know is, where was I during this transition from high-finance, high-maintenance, Saks Fifth Avenue-wearing, high heel clickety-clacking power-luncher to crunchy, skirt-wearing, co-sleeping, neo-hippy granola mama? It just seems to have sneaked up on me unawares.

Well, I’d better go now. I think the kids are getting into my love beads.

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35 Responses to Them pesky labels

  1. sunlesssea says:

    So isn’t it about time you started cloth diapering? Never too late to start. Three in diapers! Yippeee!

  2. yeah i don’t know where the crunchy you came from.
    i think i’m bad with my organic granola but i don’t make it myself!
    yay! re: the sling. I’m psyched. I’ll send you $$ next pay period- is that ok or do you need it asap?

  3. sarah – maybe when i get a place where laundry is on the main level. until then i can’t commit to cloth diapers. i have thought a lot about it though.

  4. Akialuz says:

    crunchy??  don’t tell my children you are crunchy!  hahaha  (ask Lee)

  5. It happens to the best of us! Crunch, crunch, crunch . . .

  6. Momof2js says:

    That was a very funny post. Joe has been halting my organic purchasing, which makes me sad. Well, not entirely halting it, just in the produce dept. Being “in the business” he says it is a hoax. He does allow my to be organic in our dairy and meat and body products. He just says the pesticides used in produce are not harmful. I haven’t found the right research to convince him. What is your eye treatment? I’ve found a great topical ointment for minor boo boos here:

  7. I love crunchy. Keep on crunching!!

  8. Oh Sarah…please say that you are joking about the diapers…please! After you pay for the water and energy for the washer and dryer they can’t be so much cheaper than disposable that they are worth all the YUCK! Oh…and if they have some sort of strange chemical in them that is bad for kids…I don’t really want to know.On a more pleasant note, I have grown some basil, cilantro, parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme in my window boxes. I wont be able to transport them to NM. As my most crunchy friend, and a great cook, I am offering them to you first. If you would like them, I will drive them up to you later in the month.

  9. tolovemercy1 says:

    i’m going to quietly wonder to myself if you’re using breastmilk. my mom always did that, at least for the baby’s eyes/ears. i always thought it was the weirdest thing ever, and a few short years later find myself using it on my own baby. funny how life is.

  10. KC_SAHM says:

    HAHA!  Crunchy!  
    I cloth diaper (when I’m not too exhausted)  it’s not that bad and it DOES save $.  Esp if you make your own wipes.  A friend of mine made me some from velour (sp?) and they are great! 

  11. GranolaMomma says:

    I haven’t been able to cloth diaper yet, either. Just a bit too many transitions in our lives. The more children I have the crunchier I get but there are a few things I don’t find myself switching, like from Charmin to a more natural toilet paper. LOL And carob just is not the same as chocolate! Sorry to hear about the little ones but I’m sure you’re handling it beautifully. Baby Boo was weaned over six months ago, just after both grandparents passed away last year. Alas, we had to get some eye drops for the last round of pink eye.

  12. Lisa, I totally want the herbs… yay! thanks!And, as far as cloth diapers go, while what you say was true several years ago, there have been several new developments in cloth diapering making it a LOT easier, cleaner, and even cheaper than ever before. Even neater. They have disposable liners for a fraction of the cost of disposable diapers and you can just flush the mess. Also consider that most washers/dryers nowadays are energy saving. I know many moms who haven’t seen a marked increase in their electric/water bills when switching to cloth. And, with three in diapers, your diapers per load goes up dramatically which factors into your per diaper energy cost. With disposables I am trying to beat a price of $.25 per diaper which is the BEST sale/coupon combo price I can get. Usually the average for sizes 4-6 are closer to $.40 per diaper. The numbers seem to work for cloth, but like I said I am waiting to have my laundry room on a more convenient level. As for toxins or chemicals, some kids do react to disposable but mine haven’t so I am not too worried about that aspect right now. Most moms I know who have used cloth really do prefer it… i am just not ready to make that time commitment for all the washes that need to be done! I can barely keep up with the laundry as it is!

  13. What I want to know is, where was I during this transition from high-finance, high-maintenance, Saks Fifth Avenue-wearing, high heel clickety-clacking power-luncher to crunchy, skirt-wearing, co-sleeping, neo-hippy granola mama? Sounds like a solid premise upon which to compose a book.

  14. sunlesssea says:

    Even for those of you who don’t yet understand how cloth diapering is less expensive than using disposables, it has been estimated that a single disposable takes up to 500 years to decompose. A child goes through between 7,000-10,000 diapers before they are toilet trained. Is it good stewardship to turn flippantly turn God’s creation into a toxic landfill of feces and chemicals? I haven’t found having two in cloth anymore difficult than one (which I don’t find difficult at all). We had Michael in cloth in the hospital right after he was born. He looked adorable in his little black and white checkered wool shorts. Will have three in cloth soon. Just means that it’s diaper loads more often, but diaper laundry is really mindless. I’ve never minded it at all.

  15. It’s the often that gets me. It’s such a long way down to the basement. hee hee.

  16. oh my goodness- it’s now a stewardship issue? this is hilarious. Sarah (my sister), I completely affirm you in your disposable diaper choice and I highly doubt that God’s gonna judge you harshly for it.

  17. sunlesssea says:

    Our washer and dryer are currently outside right off our side door in a little closet. I feel like I’m always rushing in and out half dressed with a load of laundry. I’m glad our neighbours are gone all day! We’re renting a bigger house in July with a (gasp) laundryroom! I’m SO EXCITED. What if you just put Christina in cloth to see how you like it? Not so much laundry that way. Although, those basement steps of yours are pretty frightening. I suppose the more that door is closed the better.Ugh. Michael just ran over Evelyn in his walker and she’s heartbroken.

  18. sunlesssea says:

    Just about everything in life is a stewardship issue.

  19. Leah, I didn’t take Sarah’s comments to be anything more than informative. It is a matter of choice. Some people simply don’t know about the biodegradable problem with disposable diapers; if that is something that will change or affect one’s decision, the only response to being apprised of the information is “thank you.” If it doesn’t matter to you at all, “no thank you” works too. Stewardship is more of a wisdom issue than a cut and dried sin issue, and there are many factors other than simply environmental. For instance, we are each alloted a finite amount of time and money. If using disposable diapers frees you up to do something you think is a higher calling, that is a judgment call each person is called to make when all the factors are added together. On the other hand, if you live in an apartment with no access to daily laundry, your money is also something you need to be stewarding and you have to decide if going to the laundromat or paying for laundry service with that much additional laundry is something that will hinder you in other areas of your calling. Some stewardship goals are things you work toward in the future, some are things you can do now, and some you will never get to. Nobody is pointing fingers and saying you are going to hell for not cloth diapering. That is a conscience/judgment call that is only for your own family to decide. No need to get snippy about it or put it in a category it doesn’t belong in.

  20. nfpmom says:

    A fun quiz to find out your mothering “Granola Factor” can be found here:
    I scored a 125: Super Nutty, Ultra-Crunchy Granola Earth Mama   šŸ™‚

  21. Haha, thanks Elaine, I scored 106: Mmm! Love that whole-grain crunch!

  22. sunlesssea says:

    I got 115. I was pretty sure I was going to lose big time for vac’ing the children. I’m not sure I buy enough organic foods deserve such a high score. They are so expensive where we live.

  23. If you decide to try cloth diapering, I’d consider starting with Soren or Jireh first for two reasons. (1) Christina probably goes potty more often than the other kids because she’s the youngest, so she’d use up more diapers. (2) One of the benefits (I hear) of CDing is that the kids can feel that they’ve gone to the bathroom and it isn’t comfortable, so potty training comes faster. We see this in the disposable “training diapers” with their “cool system” so the child can feel that he’s peed. So, since your older kids are closer to potty training . . .
    After our two-week trip to CA, where I used only disposables, I’ve been really lazy since coming back and about using cloth part-time! I want to get back to it, but the laundry is an added burden, even though I agree that it is mindless laundry.

  24. I scored 88 (pretty crispy) on the quiz. I thought I’d score higher! Well, I left law school and my heel-clicking-on-marble-floors days only two years ago, so I haven’t been changing for as long as you . . .

  25. Anonymous says:

    Are you rubbing breastmilk on their eyes? šŸ™‚

  26. Yikes. I was defending /you./ Won’t happen again!

  27. oh oh. and “no thank you.” lol!

  28. Katherine, how about (3) Christina’s diapers are actually the cheapest. but, you are actually wrong, Soren uses more diapers per day than Christina. Dave is very proud of his son’s digestive motility. So I let him get ALL the diapers on weekends.

  29. Yikes. I was defending /you./ Won’t happen again! Ha, I was defending /you/ too. By throwing that other stewardship stuff in there (you know, like about the laundromat)… lolYou’re very cute when you’re angry

  30. and why aren’t you using a profile picture??

  31. LOL thank you.
    I’m not using a profile picture because I’m fat and ugly. And I have big hair. In spite of that, I just ate a bag of raisinets (190 calories) and i wish i had more! Went from 8AM till dinner on a bowl of granola. I need to catch up on eating now. Those raisinets were really good. Do you know, Matt Byrd made us lasagna for dinner, and it was great!! I’m very impressed.

  32. Momof2js says:

    yes, isn’t it funny that my kids are anti-veg? Well, we are still interested in Chick-fil-A and they LOVE the original sandwich. Not sure if this is the kind of improvement one would actually call an improvement. ha ha.

  33. nfpmom says:

    Katherine, the longer I have been a parent, the higher my score gets. When I had my first baby, I never in a million years thought I would nurse during pregnancy, tandem nurse, and nurse a kid until he was 3. And I started in on cloth mama pads last year, which I never would have done 3 1/2 yrs ago…. so your inner granola probably hasn’t fully blossomed yet šŸ˜€

  34. stacym243 says:

    Hello from the one you used to Power Lunch with! The crunchy bug hasn’t hit me much at all, but I’m working on it! xoxo

  35. Hey stace!! I love the profile picture. You are as pretty as ever.

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