girls being silly

sick but happy!

ain’t she sweet

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14 Responses to photos

  1. Akialuz says:

    wow  Christina is looking so big.  

  2. I’m trying to be patient…  I’m trying!

  3. she is SOOO cuuutteee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i will tell anna to call you- she’s the one who picked up the message from marie claire.

  4. oh she left me a message. i thought you meant they tried again. i got the number but not a person’s name. i don’t think i’ll call them back though. they are not very conservative… i know any conservative/christian/anti-dating perspective is going to be misrepresented as fundamentalist and extremist. why play into that?

  5. well cause they might pay you.

  6. you mean they want to PRINT the article? i don’t think they pay you for being an interview source… that is what i thought they wanted.Hey i got my new phone, you can call my cell now. xo

  7. Christina is loving that toy!

  8. tolovemercy1 says:

    i want to squeeze christina. she’s just so cute! how much does she weigh now? soren has the sweetest little smile.

  9. My best guess is she weighs about 14 lbs or a bit over. thanks for the comment!

  10. Ahh good grief THey aer cute. Christina looked all miriam when she was born but I think she is shaping up to be a pefect little christina. She is so herself. I love that first one of her.

  11. Akialuz says:

    hey let me know how that rice went…  I made that the other day. 
    yes, we are almost vegetarian here too.  😦  and I only realize how much we save when we have people over.  🙂

  12. ErinLandrum says:

    Somebody attack your sofa with a sharpie??

  13. haha you said “ain’t”….

  14. BekahM says:

    Christina’s a doll baby!

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