Does preteen start this early?

Miriam has been giving me this very teen-esque attitude lately, and it is really funny to hear her turn an adult phrase, especially when she tosses her hair for effect.

The other day she was instructing me in what she was and was not going to do, and I couldn’t help but laugh.
She looked at me and said, “What? You think that’s funny?” which only sent me into further paroxysms.
Now she was curious. She came closer. “Mommy, what are you laughing at?”
I said, “I’m just thinking that you seem more like you’re fourteen than four.”
She got very excited. “What? Fourteen? Not four?”
She paused. “I can drive?!”

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10 Responses to Does preteen start this early?

  1. Akialuz says:

    hahah    drive!!??  LOL

  2. oh my goodness. is that driving age in GA? I bet she’d know. Little genius.
    Judah has been really obnoxious. I’m blaming it on the baby but it’s bad, man.

  3. Anonymous says:

    HAHA!!! She’s soo funny!

  4. BalletdBeth says:

    ah that’s great! thanks for the comment on the picture

  5. KC_SAHM says:

    LOL!!  Kids are fun aren’t they?!  Thanks for the comment. 
     I’ve been through my “I’m never going to have this baby’ phase, (which meant lots of moping) and am now in the ‘this baby is going to come so I better get ready’ phase, (which means frantically cleaning the house), which may or may not mean anything.   Thank you for asking.

  6. ChocolateMom says:

    That’s so funny!  About your comment- I never intended to breastfeed this long, it just kind of happened.  Gabe (my oldest) stopped cold turkey about 2 weeks after he turned 1.  That was a painful experience!!!  Grant, though, just nurses 1 or 2 times each night, in the middle of the night.  I just can’t bring myself to struggle with him and have the whole house awake when it’s so easy to get him back to sleep and maximize my sleep time too.  My husband just booked us a weekend away (our first in 7 years!) for our 10th anniversary in June.  I guess I’ll have to wean him before then!

  7. holliep says:

    Lol. Maybe she’ll get it all out of her system before she hits fourteen.

  8. ErinLandrum says:

    I’m convinced that issues in childhood only continue into teenhood if we don’t take care of them now.   I guess the attitude that lots of teens have is something they had when they were 3 or 4 as well as in the adult years.    I’ll have four teenagers when I’m 40, and I’m hoping that we deal effectively enough with many of the “issues” so that they will be more pleasure than pain.   I hate it when people tell me, “you just wait….”

  9. ErinLandrum says:

    Though, there are so many “issues” in childhood….and most days I only pick a few to deal with.   Large bellies can mean lethargy!!

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