Exhausted? Why would I be exhausted?

I just got back from Costco. I had Christina in the front sling, Soren in the back carrier, and the girls sat side by side in the cart. That’s 45 lbs of humans on me, and pushing another 65 lbs in addition to the groceries. Quite a workout. Midway through the shop, the two babies fell asleep. I noticed by the fact that they suddenly gained about 15 lbs. I did get a lot of second glances, I must say. Fun fun fun.

Yesterday I was feeding the baby, and Jireh (who is a close talker) was getting in our faces admiring Christina. I said, “Jireh, honey I need my space.” Immediately she began running around the room. She went in the kitchen, looked on the counter, under the couch, and finally said, “Mommy, what does it look like? I can’t find your space. Where is your space?”

Saving the funniest for last. Miriam came up to me on Saturday and said, “Mommy I have nursing pads.” She had stuffed her dress with legos. She was pretty pleased with herself, as you can tell. I didn’t know girls started doing this at age 4.

Now I have to try to get the kids to settle down for a while while I relax, then make yogurt for the week, make dinner, put the kids to bed and try to get a shirt or skirt pattern cut out for myself. (Dave is having a rare “bachelor night” tonight and playing poker with a friend so I’m on my own for bedtime.)


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