A day in the life

I’m really exhausted. I just got back from Costco. I had Christina in the front sling, Soren in the back carrier, and the girls sat side by side in the cart. That’s 45 lbs of humans on me, and pushing another 65 lbs in addition to the groceries. Quite a workout. Midway through the shop, the two babies fell asleep. I noticed by the fact that they suddenly gained about 15 lbs. I did get a lot of second glances, I must say. Fun fun fun.

Yesterday I was feeding the baby, and Jireh (who is a close talker) was getting in our faces admiring Christina. I said, “Jireh, honey I need my space.” Immediately she began running around the room. She went in the kitchen, looked on the counter, under the couch, and finally said, “Mommy, what does it look like? I can’t find your space. Where is your space?”

Saving the funniest for last. Miriam came up to me on Saturday and said, “Mommy I have nursing pads.” She had stuffed her dress with legos. She was pretty pleased with herself, as you can tell. I didn’t know girls started doing this at age 4.

Now I have to try to get the kids to settle down for a while while I relax, then make yogurt for the week, make dinner, put the kids to bed and try to get a shirt or skirt pattern cut out for myself. (Dave is having a rare “bachelor night” tonight and playing poker with a friend so I’m on my own for bedtime.)

PS – I just noticed that the mobywrap looks almost exactly like the long (5 yard x 22-30″ piece of stretchy fabric) sling that I use. If you have one of these you can find more instructions with great pictures here. 

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10 Responses to A day in the life

  1. Anonymous says:

    Your insane and amazing with your carrying 2 kids at once! A work out for sure!Miriam and Jireh are hysterical, as usual!! So Christina is 4 months old…wasn’t this about how old Soren was when you found out you were pregnant?….

  2. mr_jargon says:

    She went in the kitchen, looked on the counter, under the couch, and finally said, “Mommy, what does it look like? I can’t find your space. Where is your space?”I have to talk to this girl someday. Always something…

  3. ErinLandrum says:

    That’s a lot of baby on you!!  Can you get Miriam to walk and then put Soren and Jireh in the buggy instead?   Perhaps then you would only have to have Christina on your back, or your front?   I’d hate for the babies to have simultaneous blowouts! 

  4. Yeah I must agree, you are insane with the lots of kids I think I’m going to try to complete a public task. I look up to you. I certainly don’t have the skills to do the same. Legos: certainly not a t-shirt bra.

  5. Akialuz says:

    45 lbs of humans!  hah  sounds so funny.  you’re strong!  ;o)  I make Josh walk when there’s only space for two. 
    I felt so weird when Aggie put a “baby”  inside her shirt the other day! I guess this starts young…  Oh my baby!  😦

  6. at least you guys have girls doing the boobs and nursing stuff. my BOYS nurse and put on bras!
    i can’t get over how much you attempt. you and lori and zuly make me look like such a wimp. but i’ve decided i’m ok with being a wimp and having an easy life.

  7. ErinLandrum says:

    I  just noticed, she even pulled her shoulders back to show off her lego appendages.    She’s so proud of them!

  8. Can you get Miriam to walk and then put Soren and Jireh in the buggy instead?I have done that in the past. Here is why I tried something new. 1. Miriam is still only 4 and sometimes likes to run off. 2. If Miriam is walking, Jireh inevitably climbs out to be with her and she will DEFINITELY take off running. 3. Jireh and Soren tend to fight.4. Miriam gets jealous that she is not sitting in the cart. So… sometimes I can leave one of the kids with my SIL but she is about to have a baby any minute so I thought it would be kind of me not to do that to her today! (You can thank me later Bules…)

  9. Erin you are funny.  My oldest now (22) had a blow out during Christmas shopping and the bathrooms were full of people, the stroller was mess, clothes a mess.  She also, did this to me in the summer time at the check out in a grocery store in a front back. I mess all the way down the front of me.  I took her clothes off in the car and she went home in just a diaper.
    Two blow out would  be…… um…
    Your kids are so cute.

  10. Well, carrying two babies makes for a great work out! You’ll get nice and svelte!
    Those photos of Miriam with her “nursing pads” are fantastic! Hilarious! They remind me of a vignette from the book I’m reading (which I’m going to lend you). The author describes how she helps teach her children the God-given purpose of breasts by nursing the babies in front of her children. One day a fivish-year-old girl was over playing dress up and stuffed her bosom full of cotton to look sexy. The author’s fivish-year-old son, who didn’t know anything about breasts being sexy, was scandalized and later told his mother, “The nerve of her to go around all day pretending to be a MOTHER!”

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