What happens right under my nose

Wow — conversation with Soren just now…

“Soren, I love you–” (he sticks out his lips)
“Ha ha. Soren, I love you but you have to go in your room now and play with your blocks. OK?”
“Mama.” (meaning “yes mama”.)
He has never said that before to me unprompted! I was impressed.

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6 Responses to What happens right under my nose

  1. that wasn’t the reason for the name- i don’t think i even thought of him being Le like me until like, yesterday. Levi is a son of Leah, brother of Judah, and rounded out the prophet priest king names… (Ezekiel- prophet) But now that’s even cooler. Third baby, year of the pig, he’s just like me! xo
    glad you had a nice anniversary. 🙂 soren’s too cute.

  2. oh cool! ppk! i didn’t think of that one! isn’t it amazing when you name your kids “meaty” names, you can almost endlessly come up with other reasons that the name is fitting/cool?

  3. Akialuz says:

    precious kid!  :o)

  4. Akialuz says:

    thaks for congrats!  secret, there’s no secret. and if there was one and I told you that would be the end ot it.  ;o)  It is just interesting how I just conceive when stop nursing or when the baby starts weaning herself (Aggie and Nella).  But I don’t think it’s realted.  I had been praying to get pregnant in February (I think I said so that time we were over Leah’s) and have a boy.  So, ok, I am pregnat.  :o)  But, is is a boy?  Hah  and very funny, By Decemeber or so I was already longing to have a baby, but I had beed praying since I had Nella to conceive on Feb.  That is wild.  I think I am going to convert to Pentecostalism (if that is a word or a religion of it’s own) and preach on answered prayers.  haha  Why Feb.?  I had thought that if I conceived in Feb I would deliver on December but my cycle changed and the baby is due on Nov. 
    I think this is going to be the hard transition.  Nella is a jealous baby.  It feels like she’s been a “baby” longer than the other two.

  5. miriamel78 says:

    Thanks for the pattern link.  It does look VERY complicated!  I think I’ll try, though.

  6. Amaltheia says:

    He is such a charmer!  I love your kids.

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