My little girl’s growing up!

During dinner, Christina successfully grabbed my napkin and began waving it around.

Guess I need to start watching my coffee.

Edit: It’s almost 10pm. Why do I feel, as I so often do at this time, like my day’s work is just starting now??

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7 Responses to My little girl’s growing up!

  1. Akialuz says:

    oh wow. and it all started!  have fun!  :op
    haha  yes, the pic is sideways.  i thought of mentioning it but…

  2. Oh wow, I wonder if John is close behind! Of course, the three weeks’ early birth affects motor development for about the first year, I hear, so John might be more like a month behind your baby.

  3. Ooo ooo, now I get to be one of THOSE mothers (the kind who brag and compare)! I swear this happened: Just last night, I was eating dinner with John sitting up in my lap when he grabbed my napkin off my knee and waved it around! He must have heard about the competition with Christina. πŸ˜‰

  4. Don’t worry Katherine, I was actually expecting you to say John has been doing it for a month. I’m perfectly happy to have Christina on time or slightly behind her expected milestone dates. She’s still my baby! I’m not in a rush this time!! (Took me 4 to learn how to enjoy the early stages…)

  5. And I was only sharing because I think THOSE mothers who brag and compare are so icky (even though I probably fall into that behavior, at least internally). It was just too hilarious how the timing worked out to resist. πŸ™‚
    FYI: After John rolled over three times in one day, he’s only done it twice since! This is even though I give him tummy time every morning when he’s freshest. Perhaps it was an accident or he’s decided that since he’s proven he can do it, there’s nothing more to prove.

  6. Everybody compares. That part is inescapable. It is just sad that it means so much to some parents to the point that they get their self worth from how well their kids perform comparatively. Comparison can actually be helpful if you don’t put too much stock in the results. And, as long as you compare the more important things too.

  7. tolovemercy1 says:

    Yay, Christina! Ambrose just started doing that this week as well. First it was a roll of masking tape, then it was a ring of toy keys….now it’s everything I happen to have in my hand Gotta love it. Seriously. I do.

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