Say what?

I was supervising the girls straightening up their room and Miriam didn’t want to help. Jireh was busily putting everything away and just as she was almost done Miriam started putting her sneakers in the dress up box. “Miriam, you probably shouldn’t do that, or you will not have your shoes when you need them.” She puts them back on the table and says, “I think we’re on the same page, Mom.”

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5 Responses to Say what?

  1. that is just too funny.

  2. BekahM says:

    LOL. Sneaky, that one is!

  3. Oh yay! My house is getting dirty again!Wish I could come get it now… I need to get away anyway!ugh..

  4. The faithvisa  commercial is cute.
    You little one is growing up. Next thing she will be grabbing your food and who knows what else.  Enjoy every moment  with them the time flies.

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