This might have been a “hadda be there” moment

…but I’ll try.

I heard Miriam’s high pitched crying for the 106th time today (she is in such a phase right now I don’t know whose hair to pull) and saw Jireh scampering down the stairs with the blue princess dress. I figured the item under debate was said dress, and skillfully extricated it from Jireh’s grip as she whizzed by. Miriam came down sobbing about her loss, and when I handed the dress back to her, Jireh started screaming and having a very two-year-old show of temper. She said, “I NEED the blue dress!” I said, “Why?” And she screamed angrily, “Because it’s so BEAUTIFUL! I need it!”

The juxtaposition of the screaming and the “it’s so beautiful”  totally tickled me. I managed to get Miriam to gracefully give Jireh the dress (by convincing her it didn’t match her shoes) and all was well, but I was laughing so hard and thinking “What a girl.”

Oh well. Hope it’s funny in translation. Hard to tell with these things.

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6 Responses to This might have been a “hadda be there” moment

  1. Momof2js says:

    It is even funnier that you convinced Miriam that it didn’t match her shoes and that was all it took. That is even more of a classic girl thing. Although it did translate funny, don’t you wish you could somehow convey the tones and inflections of their voices since that is usually the funniest part? It is hard to keep the house nice when you have gotten rid of your main “sitter.” Outings are indeed the only way but I agree that it should tire them more than us but in fact, it is the other way around. Boo hoo. An outing with 4 under 5 scares me. Well, wait..I do it on Mondays now. But, I totally want a nap for dinner instead of food.

  2. Ha haha ha, Mel is right. You have two serious girls on your hands. Definately still funny in translation.

  3. Now that is some skillful mothering! Nice negotiations. I am much older than two and have often been gripped by the avarice of “But I must have it because it is so beautiful!”

  4. ErinLandrum says:

    At least Soren didn’t ask for the dress.   Seems like you’re well on your way to your own epic of  “Little Women.”  

  5. Akialuz says:

    such an Aggie moment!

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