Low Tea

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9 Responses to Low Tea

  1. Anonymous says:

    How quaint!

  2. Momof2js says:

    So precious. My boys would be under the table tipping it.

  3. Mel, don’t be too jealous. By time this was posted, 2 plates and a cup had been broken. My dear delicate girls.

  4. Aww cute! Isn’t that Soren’s sheet?
    OK. But just one minor correction- 38 weeks IS full term. But I do agree with you and I’m really feeling fine with waiting it out. My due date is only 15 days away, anyway! that’s nothing. 🙂

  5. tolovemercy1 says:

    sarah, how come your house always looks cleaner than mine in pictures, and I only have one baby? sheesh. oh, and your girls are so totally cute. that’s what I came here to say.

  6. I usually do a quick sweep first in the area where the photo is going to be taken, and/or crop out the mess. Or, if you prefer, maybe you’re a better mom since you prize caretaking over cleaning? And thanks.

  7. holliep says:

    Tea parties! I’m missing out with the boys. All we get is wrestling.

  8. Akialuz says:

    love it!  i always see those porcelain tea sets and want to buy one for Aggie but i’d be very said when, not if, it breaks…

  9. HeartofHome says:

    Such lovely ladies!With 4 boys, and only one girl, we had science projects and hikes instead of tea parties. Honnah joined right in. She never even did the doll thing. She did like to dress up though. So they did lots of plays. Oh the joys of homeschooling!Re.: herb class. This is one I offer by email. See my site: http://www.grainsofhope.com for details.

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