How to Save Money

While vacuuming today I passed the time by thinking of these ridiculous ways to be frugal. If you have anything to add to the list, feel free to leave it here! (Jenny, maybe you can add them to your Prairie Muffin Tips book…) Hope you enjoy…

  • Save any burnt food, add hot sauce, and remarket it as “Cajun.”
  • When you make a bubble bath, save a quart of the bath water and use it to make another bubble bath next time.
  • Running low on toothpaste? Run the bristles of your toothbrush around the bowl of the sink. Chances are there is plenty of toothpaste foam stuck there.
  • After eating yogurt, pour a little milk or water into the yogurt cup, shake it around and pour into a jar you store in the fridge. When you have collected enough, shake well and enjoy a yogurt “smoothie”!
  • When changing a diaper, look carefully at the last wipe you use. If it looks pretty clean, rinse and squeeze and use it next time.
  • Save the cornstarch packing peanuts, and serve them to your children as an afternoon snack.
  • Add a drop of food coloring and a squeeze of lemon to a pitcher of water and call it juice.
  • If you have young children who drop most of their food on the floor, keep a vinyl mat under their chair. After dinner, sweep it carefully into a container and serve it to them again tomorrow (with ketchup if desired).
  • If you have the good fortune to be nursing a baby, drink an extra gallon of water a day and pump after every feeding. Use the extra milk for cereal, pancakes, and anything you use storebought milk for. Added bonus: extra weight loss for mom!
  • Don’t throw away those ripped panty hose! Instead, cut off the legs, take a bar of soap and drop it down to the foot. Tie it off and you’ve got an exfoliator and soap on a rope all in one!

Help me finish this one…

  • When your old shoes have outlived their usefulness, you can use them to _____
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13 Responses to How to Save Money

  1. kill flies.
    that is a really disgusting list. yuk yuk.
    i remembered that you love them when i was looking for vs’s foldover palazzos, so yes! i actually didn’t remember you had the foldover, but i knew you loved their yoga pants. good taste!

  2. Momof2js says:

    Hilarious and disgusting. Thank you for a laugh at the end of the day. My brain simply cannot come up with a good punchline for shoes.

  3. Akialuz says:

    hahah  this list reminds me of that 100% recycled toilet paper Anth bought the other day!  I don’t want to know recycled from what!!!

  4. You can add potting soil and make a flower pot!I loved this post… so funny! Thanks for the laugh.

  5. Your list is so cute.  I can see my boys coming up with some of those ideas. Yuck!!!

  6. KC_SAHM says:

    theres always a usefulness for old shoes!  You can have them resouled if thats the issue, if there are holes in the toes you have great rain shoes or hose playing shoes for in the summer (or garden/lawn mowing shoes if you don’t play in the hose or rain anymore) and if all else fails, make that flower pot suggested above.  
    Loved the post!  Never would have thought about the toothpaste one……..your good! 😉

  7. holliep says:

    Those are some nasty ideas.

  8. RickCapezza says:

    I almost puked reading this.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I remember in high school our bio prof. would get science supplies that came packed with starch peanuts instead of foam. You could stick them in your mouth and they would dissolve much like a puffed cheeto…

  10. is everything okay?  😉 haha…i’ll join the fun…
    When your old shoes have outlived their usefulness, you can use them as beds for your children’s dolls.

  11. If you want to save money on your water bill, just have your dog (if you already have one) or have everyone in the family lick their plates clean and put away. No dishes to do. Also have everyone take a bath in the same bath water. Can you imagine what the water would look like when everyone is done? Yuck!

  12. JennyHodges says:

    That was a very creative list. I guess you could put the shoes in the crockpot for a couple days- the Chinese do it with a Shark Fin which seems to be the same general texture as an old shoe. I can’t believe you remember the Prairie Muffin at Home Companion. I was just flipping through it the other day.

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