Helpful Hannah

Today Jireh decided to “clean” the toilet with my body scrub (how come I can NEVER remember to put it away?).

I heard the phone ring while I was making yogurt and loading the dishwasher, and while I ran to get it, Jireh put powdered milk into the dishwasher where the detergent is supposed to go (and dumped out the entire box into the door while she was at it).

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9 Responses to Helpful Hannah

  1. Akialuz says:

    wow she’s fast!
    yes to your question.  check the edit.  ;o)

  2. holliep says:

    It’s amazing what a mess they can make when trying to help.

  3. HeartofHome says:

    When my Honnah was that age, I went to answer the phone (I swear I was only gone half a minute) When I came back, she was seated in the mop bucket, full of DIRTY floor cleaner water, with a measuring cup. She was using the measuring cup to scoop up water and drink it. Good think I use only natural, non toxic cleaners. We were on first name basis with the Poison Control Center: “Hello, Mrs. Marshall. What did she get into this time? … How much did she get?” They always got a kick out of the products I called about: “She would have to drink gallons of that to have any effect.”

  4. haha…naomi is in good company, then ~ it’s not so much food items, but she’ll empty dresser drawers, file cabinets or get into the desk drawer to play with the staple-remover.  i feel like i’ll never be able to keep up with her!

  5. MamaTatiana says:

    Oh my goodness, with Jireh around you don’t even need an exercise routine!  😀

  6. Anonymous says:

    Herr liebe me, herr liebe me not; herr liebe me, herr liebe me not…

  7. bubbelcat says:

    Well at least the toilet will smell good for a while.  The dishwasher probably not so much.  It is amazing how much trouble they can get into in virtually no time at all.

  8. I think you have a second little Mini Me!

  9. The above post by Deus Libertas Est was really by TridentineFan. I am using hubby’s computer and apparently didn’t log in and out correctly. 🙂

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