Special good

Miriam took some star-shaped beads and put them in a jewelry box; this has kept the girls occupied for many  happy minutes. She was just telling me about them and said the pink one was her favorite, she didn’t really like the black or green, and the pink and purple were “special good” and she needed to play with those.

She is also now my self-appointed phone screener. Apparently she refused to let my sister in law talk with me when she called my cell phone earlier.

Christina will earnestly coo really long accounts of her day… almost without stopping for 20 minutes+. And I am thinking to myself, “What have I let myself in for? I have three chatty girls in my house!!” Imagine when they are 4, 6 and 7?? I will start saving up now for the deluxe headphone system that blocks sound to my ears and contains a hidden tape recorder that plays “Mm hmmm” in my own voice at random intervals. I’ll have to get Q to design that for me.

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6 Responses to Special good

  1. Oh, “special good” is wonderful! I love her little, secretive smile. (And here are 2 eProps–so ha!)

  2. HeartofHome says:

    … And eighteen years from now (which will come much sooner than you think!), you will find yourself missing the chatter in your silent house. Enjoy it while you can. They are so magical. I only had one girl (and four boys). We had so much fun together. When they all became teenagers, I was blessed that they talked to me about (almost) everything. It starts with them knowing that their childish chatter is valued. [I hope this comes off in the spirit it is intended. It is hard to write these things and not sound like I am scolding you. I want you to know the wonder and joy of these precious years.]

  3. HeartofHome says:

    BTW, Those are some ADORABLE little girls!!!

  4. Whoa Curtis. It’s nice to see you again, although it’s terrible that it had to be under these sad circumstances.

  5. stygian20 says:

    First time in months that I had anything to contribute. I can’t really contribute, meaningfully, to storys about child-induced havoc.BTW, despite the optimistic weather reports, I think it topped out at 79 instead of 82. Oh well.

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