Trouble in River City

He’s about 1/4 turn away from opening it…

He is enjoying the newfound freedom of getting in and out of bed, and
last night he actually fell asleep in his bed. I thought I was
brilliant because i put a gate up and he finally got tired of playing
and went back to bed (instead of constantly coming downstairs and
having to be put back.) And now, even locked in his room, he finds
dangerous things to do. Today, for the first time, he attempted to climb to the top bunk… and succeeded … and fell out OVER the railing, scraping his shoulder in the process…  Apparently he is going to continue to attempt this feat.


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6 Responses to Trouble in River City

  1. yikes! target sells a bunk bed ladder protector that i recommended to lori, too. it like, zips around or something so they can’t climb the stairs.

  2. Akialuz says:

    a man who doesn’t give up!  dangerous but still glad to see his determination.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Such a little boy!

  4. MamaTatiana says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for your all comments on my questions about moving!  VERY VERY helpful! It’s great to get insight from others, it helps me put things in perspective.

  5. haha, when we were little we broke all the welding on our bunkbeds playing ship (we would shake the bed back and forth for “waves”)

  6. but wouldn’t you imagine that if he drops he has more leg room to kick around in? I do have a good 2 inches under my ribs of free space since last week. misplaced modifiers? hopefully you can read me. Anyway, I don’t think he’ll be here before next week in spite of everyone else’s predictions.

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