We’re gonna move on up a little higher

Our sleeping arrangement for the children has had the girls in the bunk bed and Soren in a crib. We have a second crib for Christina, though she still sleeps nights in my room. Well, Soren’s crib has been broken for a while and recently the girls took it the rest of the way. Soren is still sleeping in it for now but we finally have the opportunity to get another bed for the kids. So, Miriam is moving up into a twin tomorrow, and Jireh and Soren will now be in the bunk bed.

In preparation, I put Soren for a nap in the bottom bunk and this is what I found when I checked on him:

bonus pic: my happy baby!

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8 Responses to We’re gonna move on up a little higher

  1. aww! he’s such a sweetie. send him to live with me. i love baby boys!
    i tried calling you to tell you my update. i had an exam today. and i was told to start taking the pills you sent me, morning and evening. woohoo!

  2. oh sorry i left my phone downstairs…

  3. MamaMcGee says:

    The way Soren is sleeping (head first toward the floor) is the way Jude gets off the couch.  He bumps his head and cries every time, but doesn’t seem to learn his lesson.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Søren is adorable and Christina looks soo big!!

  5. just took primrose & 5W. thanks so much!!

  6. Great photos!
    Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3. This is me testing a comment to see if my new profile photo shows up. ~KTL

  7. My 7  year old still sleeps hanging off the bed.  She doesn’t fall off 🙂
    You have a cute little one.

  8. all of the transitions!  🙂  it’s a lot of fun, huh?  naomi is exploring the “potty training” world, but i am more of a hinderance in this one b/c i’m not ready to deal with it, haha…

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