Kids say the darndest things

Miriam purposely dumped Jireh’s lunch onto her seat. “Miriam, did you dump out her macaroni on purpose?”
“No, not on purpose. I dumped it on her chair.”

After putting the macs back in her bowl, attempted to make Jireh eat it anyway. She insisted, “Mommy, please will you make it hot? Make it HOT!”
Didn’t feel like putting it in the microwave for 3 seconds so I said, “No Jireh, it might not be hot but it’s edible, just eat it.”
“No, it’s NOT edible! It’s macaroni!”

Meanwhile, I was feeding Soren and noticed he had crumpled up some leaves onto his head. Since my hands were full of spoon and bowl, I just leaned over and blew the leaves off his head. He responded by blowing back at me — with a mouth full of food.

The other day at breakfast, Jireh was poking Miriam with her finger, just to irritate her, I suppose. Well, it was working just fine, so we told Jireh to stop. She held out her pointer finger toward Miriam one last time, caught Dave’s eye, and then turned her finger upright saying, “Papi, is Soren one?”

The reason this quick save is funnier than it otherwise would have been, is because Dave at the same age had been told not to point. He was about to do it again, but instead took his other pointer finger and criss-crossed them together saying, “Look, scissors!”  So when Jireh did this, Dave & I looked at each other laughing and said “Scissors!”

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14 Responses to Kids say the darndest things

  1. thanks for the lesson 🙂  i’m so bad at english.  my other struggle is the “I” or “me” scenario, leaving out my to-be verbs and many, many other’s.  on another note, i can totally picture soren blowing back at you…so something naomi would do…it really made me laugh out loud, hahaha!  and the pointing finger thing is really scary…and cute!

  2. LOL! Your kids are hilarious. I love Jireh’s clever little save. Like father, like daughter, right?

  3. Anonymous says:

    That pointing thing is HYSTERICAL!! Guess Jireh’s looks aren’t the only thing she got from daddy!

  4. Okay, Jireh really is extremely bright, as evidenced by her quick save. That is beyond her age! ~KTL

  5. holliep says:

    Jireh has proved once again that she has not only stunning looks but a quick mind. Love it!

  6. Momof2js says:

    Those are very funny stories. Jessica B was the administrative assistant at the shoe co. Drew and she had some sort of “thing” before he was fired. She was only in a few scenes. Of course Jirah is beyond her age…look at her genes.

  7. Mabben says:

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  8. Anonymous says:

    LOL! :)ryc: When I turned the page on my calendar, I noticed the 11th was marked to change clocks! I couldn’t believe it! Then I remembered that they were trying to pass an energy bill last year that would extend daylight savings time, I think. I don’t know!

  9. this was so funny. the soren one really made me laugh!!

  10. AnniWongTon says:

    The Jireh one is so cute and bad! Every one of those stories made me laugh a little more.

  11. i brought this post up over dinner tonight after i said, “i don’t know how many square feet marla’s new studio will be,” because kaiya in the same instant throws her foot onto the table and says, “i don’t have square feet!”  i think that’s the first time my kids have made any kind of comment like that…i loved it!  oh, and i was asking about the grammar 🙂  well, off to bed…finally!  2am!

  12. KC_SAHM says:

    Thanks for the laugh!! 

  13. Just wanted to let you know that I’m going to definitely be in my pj’s all day and pretty much this whole week. The after pains of birth are really painful compared to the first. Oh, and you can harass Jeremiah as much as you want. lol.

  14. When I was at Margaret’s with you and your kids on Thursday, Miriam said something that would make her dad proud, too. She kept asking me my name, and I wouldn’t tell her because I knew that she knew it. So, finally she asked, “Is it Sila?”Those are some really cute stories. Thanks for sharing.

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