The girl came back today and brought her husband. (Zuly, the sugar daddy looked about only 23 at most!) They looked around again and she is just as enthusiastic today as she was yesterday. We’ll see if her ebullience passes on to her husband, who was pleasant enough but not nearly as bubbly about it. She said she would call me again in the next few days. We’re tentatively looking into prices of houses and rentals in the area around Dave’s job to help make our decision, should they come back with an offer. We’d be really excited to get closer to the action (Dave dreams about coming home for lunch and not fighting traffic two ways! I dream about having people from church over easily after church and during the week!) but at the same time I think we’d all breathe a sigh of relief if we end up just staying here in our home sweet home. Either way, we will continue praying about it and see what happens.

This is the face Søren makes when you say “kisses” or “besos” to him.

And, it looks like I can’t get a decent photo out of my camera anymore. Guess it’s seen better days. Leah or Anna, are there any extra digital cameras floating around our parent’s house you can send me? I would hate to disrupt the photo documentation until I can actually afford to buy one.

Soren says “no” now (thanks, Jireh) and also says “Amen” now after prayer. He has about a 10 word vocabulary. Slower than my girls but, still pretty normal I think? His words are banana, apple, eggs, juice, agua, mama, papa, down, and maybe one or two more on occasion. Notice how most of the words have to do with food… hmm…

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10 Responses to Buy-Crazy

  1. mr_jargon says:

    It’s hard not to love Soren…

  2. wow he looks like me. does that mean i’m not allowed to say “HE’S SO CUTE!”
    He’s gonna be like Jed. He doesn’t need to talk because his sisters do it for him.

  3. chad_toney says:

    Brendan says “no no”, repeating what we say, or just confirming that something is wrong. He hasn’t said it in defiance yet…but not sure that’s what you mean either.

  4. chad_toney says:

    And when we ask for kisses, he usually gives us the open-mouth treatment, so I think I prefer Soren’s method. 😉

  5. No, he just says the word. He usually is imitating Jireh. If I ask him something and the answer is no, he doesn’t say “no,” he just grunts. He does nod his head, though, if the answer is yes. I thought that was kind of unusual. I can’t remember the exact dates of the other kid’s nodding, but it seemed like a big gap of time between shaking the head no and nodding yes.

  6. Akialuz says:

    your buyers are young. I guess that’s a youg people kind of house! ;o)
    Nella says “moh” (no) to the children;  she lifts her arm ans shakes it. Always related to being tortured by them.  And when she wants more anything, esp. food she says: Mah! (más).  I think she is my little Joshy girl; she says a few more words. 

  7. miriamel78 says:

    I think that younger children sometimes don’t have to talk as soon, the older ones do it for them.  And boys tend to talk later than girls.

  8. Wow, I haven’t seen Soren in about three months. Last time I held him was at Christina’s baptism. He looks like such a big, grown-up boy now! ~KTL

  9. Far13y says:

    This is Jeremiah’s friend Scott Farley. I live at his house and we are in rcia together. Started a xanga and wanted to say hi!

  10. Akialuz says:

    thank you for the comments.  :o)

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