Three Months Old

This past week Christina began laughing… once when I was playing a game with her where I brought her face close to my face, and another time when Dave moved her over in the bed. She also responds to tickling now.

Today I tested out another tying method for the sling. It works very well for having her facing me but still able to look around. Also it is easier to keep her out of the way when doing things because I can simply turn to the side. However, the downside is I can’t really bend over at all.
Miriam took a photo of me using the hip-cross carry method. She couldn’t keep the camera still enough so it is blurry but you get the idea.

And… bonus picture. Does anyone think we have a future attachment-parenting adherent here?

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11 Responses to Three Months Old

  1. holliep says:

    Christina has the most beautiful expressive eyes.

  2. nfpmom says:

    Ooo nice wrap. And I love the “babywearing pic” ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Momof2js says:

    Wow, three months already! That flew. I just read your other post about the girls and the wipes. Jacob at one time created a “mozzarella cheese ball delivery service” where he delivered to his “customers” in all corners of the house. His cheese: balled up (clean) wipes placed in “delivery bags” (scented nappy sacks meant for containing dirty diapers). I can’t even count how many wipes I lost to cheese.

  4. Akialuz says:

    ‘love those Chistina pix.  and Miriam is so cute and loving w/ her baby.  :o)

  5. My kids liked their baby doll slings also.  They still play dolls at 7 and 12.  I think it is great.
    They also, sew and knit their baby doll clothes.
    Your baby is cute.

  6. So, Christina is laughing! Chris and I have been commenting that John seems to be on the verge of doing so. He does this smile that is more than a smile. It is huge, with crinkly eyes. He contracts all his limbs as if he were being tickled and he throws his head to one side in a bashful way. Maybe John is close behind Christina! ~KTL

  7. ah, your baby is a cute one

  8. MaMaMollisa says:

    Ah!  I love the pic of Miriam!  So wonderful.  ๐Ÿ™‚  My friend was telling me how her mother never bought her bottles for her baby dolls, but she’d walk around with them stuck under her shirt “nursing” them all the time.  So adorable!  I hope if I ever have a little girl that she does that. 
    I have a sling similar to yours (a tie one) and also a pouch sling… I have loved them both, but recently found a baby bjorn for $4 at a thrift store… and it is so wonderful!  Asa loves it… and I didn’t think he’d like anything that made it so he couldn’t crawl around… it has fixed all of our problems with having a baby (except for the sleeping at night things…).  Every baby is different, I guess, which makes me thankful I have several things to wear my baby in… but it was good for me to realize that there’s probably some way to attach any baby to you that will work for both of you… this realization made me feel like I will be able to handle another baby… is that silly?
    I admire you and all of the work you do for your home and family.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Where did you get that sling? Or, did you make it?

  10. ErinLandrum says:

    Sarah, she is a mini-me in some regards, except that she’s left-handed and artistic (I’m not either). She is also very good at cleaning things efficiently, which also, I am not.

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